Trailer – Full Prometheus Trailer

Reaction: Normally we would put up a description about the film but i’m not going to do that, normal we would do a reaction but i’m not going to fully do that all i’m going to say is WATCH THE TRAILER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. That trailer looks awesome. I am a bit fearful that they are giving away some plot points but more than willing to let that slide considering how amazing it looks.

    If Scott pulls this off, my trepidation about his Blade Runner sequel will be lessened considerably.

    • Too true, i have high hopes for this, but as you point out, it will be a test run for a potential follow up to Blade Runner, which i would love to see even more considering it hasn’t had 4 sequels and 2 spin offs!

  2. the problem i’m having now is that my expectations are so high if the film turns out to be a little bit disappointing then i’m going to be crushed

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