Review: The Cabin in the Woods

Directed by: Drew Goddard

Starring: Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutch, Fran Kranz

Rating:   Running Time: 95mins

If you have listened to any review i’ve done or know me then you would know that horror is a genre i hold dear to my heart, in my eyes it’s the only thing in film that can make you feel very nervous and scared but over the last few years the genre has become stale with carbon copies cropping up everywhere none so more than the usual cabin in the woods style story.  It’s really difficult to try and take something that has been done a thousand times before and make it fresh but also make it feel a little bit unique however when you have the brilliant mind of Joss Wheadon and somebody who gave the found footage genre of horror a good kick up the arse there is a chance that this could be one of those rare gems that horror is solely missing.

Right before i go into the main story of the film i will tell you that because there is a lot that can be spoiled during the movie i will keep the plot down to the minimum and will not spoil anything.

Before the film opens the screen get’s covered in blood with etching’s of death and torture in the background then we get the name of the film thrusted upon us with a spine tingling scream, once the screen goes back to normal it takes us into the bedroom of Dana (Kristen Connolly) and Jules (Anna Hutchison) preparing themselves for a trip, in bursts jules boyfriend Curt (Chris Hemsworth) who starts to mess around and throws a football out of the window in which Holden (Jesse Williams) catches it, everybody then set’s off to there camper van ready to go off on a trip where they are met with there final friend in stoner Marty (Fran Kranz) once all friends are together they set off for Curt’s cousin’s Cabin which happens to be in the middle of a big wood, on there journey they have to stop off at a dilapidated garage where they are warned by the usual slacked jawed yokel attendant that something bad will happen, ignoring his warning they set back off again for the cabin, as soon as they reach a tunnel which leads to the cabin that’s when you start to realise that something is not right as we see a hawk fly passed the tunnel but ends of hitting a barrier where it dies.

Once the 5 friends reach the cabin that’s when the typical cabin in the woods style horror movie kicks in, what we have here is a very run down and small building that’s typical with this kind of movie however our 5 friends think that it’s awesome and set out to enjoy themselves by drinking and playing the usual truth or dare, the fun is interrupted when the cellar door slams open, so low and behold they end of going down into the cellar to investigate it that’s where they discover a cornucopia of mish- mash objects however a diary becomes a object of interest to Dana, when she reads it she finds out that strange things happened at this cabin that involved sacrifice and torture, at the bottom of the diary is a few words in Latin when read out unleashes the evil zombie backwater beings which turn out to be the family in the diary, so the rest of the film turns out to be a fight for survival against these nasties for our friends however something doesn’t seem right here and that’s where the spoilers would come into it.

During the film i will tell you that there is a organisation that is controlling what is happening to this cabin and everything around it but what i will not tell you is why they are doing this as this is where the strange things happen and where a lot of the humour of the film comes from that’s to two of the controllers played by Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitfor.

Now if you have seen the trailers for The Cabin in the Wood you would know that it seems’ to be a straight forward comedy horror movie set in a cabin however you are given hints that there is something else lying below the surface that might make the film a bit different and this is very true, yes the movie starts off straight forward but the more you are pushed through the story the more that is revealed of the madness that is to come and trust me when i say that the last 25 minutes of the film are something you have never seen before and never would of guessed even in your dreams.

The film itself doesn’t take itself that serious and plays like a homage to the films that get this genre spot on and that’s what is so good about The Cabin In the Woods, yes it plays things safe for the first 35 minutes and yes it does feel a bit straight forward but it’s when all of the insane stuff happens that you think to yourself that you might be watching something of a rare treat and that’s a horror film that does something and something that has not been seen before.

The script duties are handled by both Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard and they both seem to have a lot of fun in the visual treats that they throw at you, both of them seem to be able to dig deep into there dark and strange mind and pull out something that feels really unique and scary, yes like i’ve said there is a lot of straight forward points in the film but these are there to build you up to what happen’s in the last 25 mins of the film.  If there is one thing that bugged me a little is that at times a few of the jokes missed and some of the effects on a few of the basic shots are not very well handled however these are off-set with again the last 25 minutes of the film.

To say i enjoyed myself whole heartedly with this film is a bit of a understatement, you see i’m a huge fan of horror films and i’m sick of seeing carbon copies of films that take themselves so seriously that you think they are joking when in fact they are not, this knows it’s limits and this shines a big bright light on the horror genre that is needed, i’m a huge fan of Joss Whedons work and i think the characters and stories he writes about bring something fresh to the screen and this is what he has done here, let’s not forget the brilliant work that Goddard has done as well, seeing as this is his directorial debut he handle the film with such care that he knows what he is doing and this point’s towards something special for him in the future.

If you go into this movie with only knowing the small details then you will enjoy yourself 100% as it demands that you know very little about what you are going to see, yes you might think you can guess what is going to happen but the film leads you down one path only for it to say screw it and take you in a completely different direction making you aww struck when you come out of the cinema as your mind will have to recover from the insane brilliance of the last 30 min’s, oh and one quick heads up there is a awesome cameo from somebody you wouldn’t expect.

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