UK Box Office Top 10

Not a very good week at the box office and that’s thanks to the really warm weather, so despite there being 4 new entries in the top 10 and there being a new number 1, this week saw some of the lowest takings since last October.

As said above 4 new films graced this weeks chart, first off hitting the number 10 spot despite only being on 26 screens was comedy Sci-Fi film Iron Sky, going in at number 7 was the latest film from Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom, hitting the number 4 spot but doing worse that what was expected of it was What to Expect When your Expecting, however it was the Men in Black in there third outing that went straight into the top spot but it’s not good news for the film, the takings for MIB 3 were way down from the 1st and 2nd films and this is the worst debuting number 1 film for a while.

10. Iron Sky – (NE) – £66.076

9. Beauty and the Beast 3D – £69.795 – £2.475.361

8. The Raid – £116.340 – £805.399

7.  Moonrise Kingdom – (NE) – £251.760

6. American Pie: Reunion – £362.323 – £15.813.594

5. Dark Shadows – £409.560 – £6.236.054

4. What to Expect when your Expecting – (NE) – £661.617

3. Avengers Assemble – £872.664 – £46.891.709

2. The Dictator – £1.078.155 – £7.563.554

1. Men in Black 3 – (NE) – £2.953.736

New Releases – It’s a very big week for films in the UK as we have 2 huge films and one that nobody wanted, first off the nobody which see’s the return of Top Cat however this time in 3D.  On to the 2 big films though, the first one is another telling of Snow White this time Starring Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman however it’s the return of Ridley Scott to the Alien genre that fans have been waiting for, so for me the biggest film out this week can only be Prometheus.

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  1. Yeah, the weather’s doing a number on the box office for sure, when i walked into the cinema the to see Men In Black 3 the cinema lobby was deserted and there were only 4 other people in the screening.

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