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  1. “I’ve never liked musicals, I never have.” Ok so you don’t like The Wizard of Oz, The King and I, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, Grease, Chicago, The Lion King, basically every Disney movie every made. There’s just so many great films that happen to be musicals. It’s kind of like saying, I don’t like dramas or comedies.

    Like any genre there are good musicals and there are bad. This is most definitely in the latter category for me. The fact that this music does means something to me is one of the reasons WHY I hated this film. These are songs from my childhood, but they were sung so badly. Like hearing “Don’t Stop Believin'” sung by Betty Boop. No thanks. I prefer the Journey version of that classic.

    Glad you enjoyed the film, but it was torture for me.

    • No, honestly, i don’t. I don’t like The Wizard of Oz, i don’t even like Grease, ok, i like The Lion King, but that’s not a musical to me, i din’t see it as being a series of singing and dancing acts, but everything else you mention, yes, i don’t like any of them.

  2. I generally like musicals, so this film worked for me even though I’m not a total fan of the 80’s music here, but it still was fun enough to sustain my interest. My only problem with this flick was the boring story that took away from all of the crazy dance numbers, and the awesome Tom Cruise. Good review.

  3. Thought I’d stumble over here from Mark’s review of the film, share in the collective back and forth about a film that while probably doesn’t deserve so much attention nevertheless underscores the point of all our writings, the pluses and minuses of our exchanges, our agreeing to disagree.

    I wasn’t sure what to make of your review but then you summed it up in two clear, decisive points: you loved the music which is probably one of the only reasons to like, if not really like this film, and you found the humor however strained, and the strained but present entertainment value in the genre. It is everything you describe in terms of memory lane, in what I wrote in my review as “good kindling for nostalgia” and that just could be enough to make the film enjoyable – it worked for you even if not for me, others. The song and dancer numbers are what they are – they worked for you and some even if not for me, others. The one thing that is certain, this movie is not for everyone and as you and others have pointed out “you must go into with a certain amount of willingness – suspending dis’ and ‘belief and all”.

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog, you are of course invited to do the same. Seeing how you’ve got good company (Mark and Dan) the big old blog soup gets a little clearer. cheers->

    • Welcome, and thanks for your comments! I recently showed the movie to a friend and his wife, she absolutely loved it and was singing along with me, him… Not so much.
      Glad you enjoyed the review, i’ve literally just returned from seeing Ben Affleck’s Argo which just opened here today, so keep an eye out for a review of that going up in the next day or two.

      • Looking forward to seeing Argo, will have to check out your review. Funny, some appeal so much to us yet fail almost everywhere else, and vice versa. I suppose, just part of the magic..cheers->

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