UK Box Office Top 10

Not a very big week when it comes to the top 10 as none of the new films released this week managed to challenge the top 3 as a matter of a fact the top 3 remained the same with Prometheus still holding on to the top spot for a 3rd week nearly going passed the £20 million mark.

Even though there were a lot of new films out this week only 3 managed to crack the top 10, first off going in at number 8 was Olympic inspired film Fast Girls, doing better by going in at number 6 was Red Lights however it has underperformed despite it have a really strong cast.  The highest new entry though went to Rock of Ages which hit the number 4 spot however like Red Lights it has not done as well as was expected of it.

10. Top Cat – £246.283 – £2.270.508

9. What to Expect when your Expecting – £248.185 – £3.671.036

8. Fast Girls – (NE) – £335.700

7. Marvel’s Avengers Assemble – £376.991 – £50.963.003

6. Red Lights – (NE) – £445.109

5. The Pact – £475.936 – £1.930.949

4. Rock of Ages – (NE) – £1.003.107

3. Snow White and the Huntsman – £1.297.559 – £11.872.691

2. Men in Black 3 – £1.544.429 – £17.436.356

1. Prometheus – £2.009.955 – £19.452.485

New Releases – 2 new films will be trying their best to make an impact on next weeks chart, first off Timur Bekmambetov teams up with Tim Burton for the second time with Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the other choice this week is Chernobyl Diaries from the director of Paranormal Activity, Oren Peli.


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  1. Andrew, didn’t you predict a #1 opening for Rock of Ages? I knew it would bomb over there like it did here. It was so bad,

  2. i had a feeling myself that it wouldn’t do that good, i think it’s down to the fact that studio’s think that musicals can do well at the box office when in fact people don’t want to go and see them

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