UK box office top 10

It has finally happened Prometheus has been knocked off the top spot by one of this weeks new entries, in fact it’s been knocked out of the top 3 all together.

4 new films made there way into the top 10, first off hitting the number 9th spot is bollywood film Teri Meri Kahni, going in at number 7 but doing nowhere near what was expected of it was horror film Chernobyl Diaries.  Hitting the number 3 spot was comedy film The Five Year Engagement however it was Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter that slaughtered the competition by going straight into the number 1 spot.

10. Top Cat – £179.427 – £2.479.427

9. Teri Meri Kahni – (NE) – £190.230

8. Avengers Assemble – £248.695 – £51.344.770

7. Chernobyl Diaries – (NE) – £495.875

6. Rock of Ages – £501.095 – £2.015.192

5. Snow White and the Huntsman – £870.402 – £13.413.970

4. Prometheus – £1.029.758 – £21.641.986

3. The Five Year Engagement – (NE) – £1.058.897

2. Men in Black 3 – £1.072.033 – £19.062.351

1. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – (NE) – £1.119.117

New Releases – A really interesting mix of films for your pleasure this week, first off there is action/drama/thriller Killer Joe from The Exorcist director William Friedkin, next up is musical comedy Joyful Noise which features Queen Latifah, if you are after just a straight forward comedy film then Friends With Kids is your choice however if you crave a horror film then Storage 24 is the movie for you.


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  1. I love these weekly box office reports. I’ve guested on the MGCTv podcast occasionally. They originate out of London. I’m from the U.S. They do a weekly wrap up as well of the UK box office. Because of that I find I am fascinated by your results and look forward to your chart every week as you seem to post it sooner than anyone else. Here’s the latest one that I appeared on. Sorry shameless plug alert. Love to hear your thoughts.

    It’s always fascinating to me when American movies flop in the U.S. but succeed in your country. Battleship anyone? Looks like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is the latest anomaly.

  2. sort of it hasn’t done as well as expected of it considering it’s a bit of a high brow releases.

    Not a problem when it comes to the UK box office top 10 i really appreciate it when i get comments like that

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