UK Box Office Top 10

While their is no surprise when it comes to this weeks top 10 it has thrown up a few interesting facts however the one fact that everybody can easily guess is that The Dark Knight Rises has steam rolled the rest of the chart and found it’s way at the top of the chart knocking off last weeks number 1 Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Now on to the interesting facts, first off it will come as no surprise to hear that the Dark Knight Rises has becoming the second highest debut film of the year behind the Avengers however it has become the highest taking 2D film of the year, secondly The Dark Knight Rises has found it’s way to the number 3 spot for the best taking debut film of all time behind Avengers Assemble and the final Harry Potter film however each one of those films did have a 3D release as well.  The final few facts that don’t involve the bat are that the number 10 film Katy Perry: Part of Me is the lowest grossing number 10 film since 2008 film Caramel and Magic Mike which is at this weeks number 4 has managed to take more than the films from number 5-10 combined.

10. Katy Perry: Part of Me – £38.327 – £1.029.451

9. Prometheus – £39.075 – £24.562.111

8. Men in Black 3 – £55.680 – £21.750.343

7. Seeking a Friend for the end of the World – £59.788 – £717.775

6. Cocktail – £70.212 – £554.949

5. Five Year Engagement – £77.158 – £4.711.437

4. Magic Mike – £885.330 – £5.250.074

3. Amazing Spider-Man – £1.051.641 – £22.270.010

2. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift – £2.112.021 – £17.655.894

1. The Dark Knight Rises – (NE) – £14.362.443

New Releases – Only 1 film has decided to go up against The Dark Knight Rises this week and unfortunately for it i don’t think it has much of a chance however if you do want to go and see something new then your only choice is Dr Seuss’ The Lorax.


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