The Dark Knight Rises Spoilercast

So the film has now been out for nearly 2 weeks now so it’s about time that we dig deep into the film with the first ever Monday Movie Show Spoilercast, so on Sunday night (29/07) at 8:00pm (GMT) on our Spreaker page we will be going through the in’s and out’s and spoiling as much of the film as we possibly can and we will not be alone, joining us hopefully will be both Marc and Jay from Following the Nerd and i know they are chomping at the bit to talk openly about the film.


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  1. Feel free to leave us a comment here and we’ll see if we can cover whatever you want (regarding the movie of course!) on the spoilercast!

  2. I look forward to checking out your new show. Im all caught up on your back episodes 🙂 🙂 Keep up the good work and hopefully youll find some films you like (you do seem to find a lot of them ‘garbage’ *giggle*

  3. i have seen some really good films this year but i’ve a lot of garbage as well, let’s hope i get more of the good stuff

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