Review: Keith Lemon – The Film

Directed by: Paul Angunawela.

Starring: Leigh Francis, Verne Troyer, Laura Aikman, Harish Patel, Kelly Brook.

Rating:   Running Time: 85 mins.

Taking the Leigh Francis created character from the hit series Celebrity Juice, the movie follows Keith Lemon – entrepreneur, as he travels to London for an invention convention to sell his ingenious idea – a security pole that you can erect to protect your car. Failing dismally at the convention, he’s met by a likewise unsuccessful seller Kushvinder (Harish Patel), who has created a revolutionary type of mobile phone that has no buttons (in this world it seems no one’s invented the iPhone yet) but has given it an unappealing name. Feeling a failure, Kushvinder gives all his merchandise to Keith who visits ‘The Fixer’ (Verne Troyer), and gets a spot on chat show ‘The Hoff Hour’ (yes, presented by David Hasslhoff) to promote the phone which, after initially failing to sell it to the audience, sticks a lemon sweet on it, renaming it ‘The Lemon Phone’ and becomes an overnight success.

Let me start out by saying, I am not a fan of Leigh Francis or any of his characters including that of Keith Lemon, that may make me biased against this movie but I saw this in a fairly busy showing, which included more than it’s fair share of fans of the character. I could tell this from the giggles of laughter that the movie got at the beginning, but it wasn’t long before even these began to die down and the audience began to realise like myself not only that this is not funny, it’s barely even describable as entertainment. 85 minutes of gross out humour including several human bodily fluid jokes, cameos of virtually all of Francis’ previous characters from his Bo Selecta TV series, and celebrity cameos of the likes of Gary Barlow, Fearne Cotton, David Hasslhoff, Emma Bunton and Ronan Keating to name a few (who are mostly all walk-on parts).

Aside from that setup of the character going to London, there’s a very thin plot (if you can call it that) involving Keith’s not-girlfriend Rosie (Laura Aikman) and a businessman who Keith has dealt with called Evil Steve (also played by Leigh Francis). It’s something that’s introduced too late in the movie, by which time the audience has lost interest in the repeated use of the same jokes that weren’t even funny the first time.

Earlier in the year we had The Dictator, which brought Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest character to the screen. Like that movie this takes a character created by a comedian that will work well in a ‘reality TV’ setting, but like that movie this does not work in a piece of scripted cinema. Both rely too heavily on jokes that are stretched out three or four times longer than they need to be rather than what cinema is for – telling a story. I never thought I would say it, but there is a movie that’s worse than The Dictator and it’s called Keith Lemon – The Film. Not even one for the fans, advice to all? Stay away.


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  1. I hate to say that you probably could have written this review without even seeing the film, but, yeah – Lemon is only marginally funny at the best of times so stretching it out to a feature length was only ever going to have one result!

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