UK Box Office Top 10


To say this weeks box office top 10 is a bit of a interesting one is a bit of a understatement as not only do we have a new number 1 but 2 films that were expected to make and appearance in the top 10 didn’t even manage to make a splash.

First off on to the new release and we have 3 new films in the chart.  First off going in at number 7 was Bollywood film Talaash, doing a bit better but nowhere near what was expected of it was another re-telling of the Charles Dickens classic Great Expectation which hit the number 6 spot.  The final new entry of the week went to very good animated film Rise of the Guardians which went into the number 3 spot.

Now on to some bad news for 2 films that were expected to be at the bottom end of the chart but failed at the first hurdle.  This weeks first big flop went to Alex Cross which just failed to get into the chart, however with bad reviews and Tyler Perry not having the pull over in the UK it was expected that the film would not do well but not this badly.  The biggest flop of the week and the biggest flop of his career went to Clint Eastwoods latest film Trouble With the Curve as not only did it not even pass the £50,000 mark but the average takings for the film from each screen was a really low £232.

There is one other film that needs a mention and that’s this weeks new number 1 which went to Skyfall as now it has become the highest grossing UK film of all time knocking Avatar off the top of it’s perch.  What’s even more impressive though is that Skyfall has only taken 40 days to reach the magic £94 million target.

10. Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted – £263.163 – £21.755.873

9. End of Watch – £306.005 – £1.356.670

8. Argo – £338.545 – £4.538.400

7. Talaash – (NE) – £389.522

6. Great Expectation – (NE) – £544.636

5. Silver Lining Playbook – £749.055 – £2.705.416

4. Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger – £1.204.066 – £3.165.716

3. Rise of the Guardians – (NE) – £1.968.984

2. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2 – £2.180.909 – £31.373.440

1. Skyfall – £2.275.469 – £93.769.331

New Releases – not a very big week for new releases as only 2 films of any note are out this week.  First off is comedy thriller from the director if In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths and the only other new film of note is hyper violent film The Man with the Iron Fists.


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