Monday Movie Show 2012 Awards


It’s that time of the year when people complain that it’s too cold, when you end off spending more money in 1 month than the entire year combined, when you have too much too eat and drink and say that you will never do it again, oh and when you look over the year and think too yourself what you have done.

Well for us this time of the year gives us a chance to look over the films of the year and give out awards for the best and sometimes worst of what the film industry has to offer us.  So ladies and gentlemen i bring you the Monday Movie Show 2012 awards.

*winners are in bold

Best Director

Ben Affleck – Argo

Michel Hazanvicius – The Artist (Winner)

J.C Chandor – Margin Call

William Fredkin – Killer Joe

David Fincher – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Best Movie

Argo – (Winner)

Margin Call

Killer Joe

The Artist


Best Actor

Jean Dujardin – The Artist

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Looper

Zachary Quinto – Margin Call

Ben Affleck – Argo – (Winner)

Matthew McConaughey – Kill Joe

Best Actress

Marion Cotillard – Rust and Bone

Benrice Bejo – The Artist

Olivia Coleman – Tyrannosaur – (Winner)

Emily Blunt – Looper

Rooney Mara – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Best Supporting Actor

Bruce Willis – Looper

Emile Hersch – Killer Joe

Thomas Hayden Church – Killer Joe

Bradley Whitford – The Cabin in the Woods

Paul Bettany – Margin Call – (Winner)

Best Supporting Actress

Juno Temple – Killer Joe – (WINNER)

Gina Gershon – Killer Joe

Olivia Thirlby – Dredd 3D

Elizabeth Banks – The Hunger Games

Charlize Theron – Snow White and the Huntsman

Best Foreign  Language Film

The Raid – (Winner)


Rust and Bone

The Kid with the Bike


Best Animated Film

Rise of the Guardians

The Cat in Paris

Paranorman – (Winner)

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Hotel Transylvania

Best Ensemble 

Killer Joe

The Dark Knight Rises

Avengers Assemble


Margin Call – (Winner)

Worst Film

Keith Lemon: The Film – (Winner)

Jack and Jill

Project X

The Devil Inside

The Dictator

Worst Actor/Actress

Adam Sandler – Jack and Jill – (Loser)

Worst Cameo

Johnny Depp – Jack and Jill – (Winner)

Pointless Remake/Sequel

Taken 2

Street Dance 2 – (Winner)

Step Up 4

Total Recall

American Pie: The Reunion

Biggest Disappointment

Taken 2 


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