Stuart’s 10 Best Films of 2012

What a interesting year it has been when it comes to the world of films, not only have i been a little bit more impressed with the world of the super heroes but French cinema has shown what it can produce.  Yes we have had some really stinkers released this year however this list will only concentrate on the cream of the crop, the best films that cinema has to offer and unlike last year my top 10 films wrote themselves this year.

So here is my top 10 films of the year and there might be one or two surprises in the list so please don’t shout at me.

10. Killer Joe 

Too say i was a bit surprised by this movie is a bit of a understatement as i’m not a fan of how William Friedkin directs his films as i think he has a very cocky nature about him however Killer Joe managed to impress me despite it still featuring the same problem i have with the director.  The movie is honestly brutal and it doesn’t shy away from that so you have to give him credit for what he has managed to produce as it could of ended off just being another mess of his but it didn’t and i’m glad for that.

9. Red Dog

This is the first of the films that i think might surprise people as i know it will not be on anybody else’s top 10 films but the whole reason for it being in my top 10 is down to how charming the film is, yes it’s a very simple tale about a small town community in Australia adopting a dog but the whole movie ooze’s with charm and tenderness.  I know i sound like a wuss there but i do have sort of a heart and i’m a slight sucker for little films like this as i think there deserve peoples attention and this is one of those films.

8. Looper  

If you asked somebody 5 years a go to name a smart summer blockbuster film it would be really hard to do as the blockbuster season is for films with big explosions and nothing else however thanks to the film Inception this changed and thank god for that movie as we wouldn’t have Looper.  You see Looper is one of those rare film’s that demands you go into it with your brain switched on and what you will get out of it is a intelligent, smart Sci-Fi action drama movie that has some fantastic set pieces and some brilliant acting.

7.  The Innkeepers

Horror over the last few years has been a genre that has not only been lacking in any form of originality but the scare factor has gone out of most films that come our way, so when a horror/thriller movie can send chill’s down the spine of a hardened fan then it must of done something right and The Innkeepers is one of those film.  I know the premise of the story isn’t original at all however what Ti West has a fantastic nack of doing is taking a film genre that has been done to death and knock it on it’s head by doing something that few directors can do properly and that’s building up tension, without tension in a film like this you have a very loose and damp movie but this film has bucket loads of suspense and tension.

6. Argo

Putting these two things in one sentence, Ben Affleck and fantastic direction would of gotten you laughed at a few years a go however he has managed to prove himself that he can handle a film and in this case he can now hold his head up high and say “i”m a brilliant director”.  You see what you have here with Argo is a film that has not only been directed to the highest of standards but also a film that will surprise at not only how gritty it is but also being able to inject strands of humor without crossing the line.  In the future i think a lot of people will be taking Mr Affleck more serious as long as he sticks to this type of film and not go back to his horrible rom-com days.

5. Shame

Trying to sell this film to somebody is a very difficult task as when you tell them that it’s a drama about somebody who is addicted to sex and is destroying his life because of it they will just not listen to you, but trust me when i say that you really do need to see this film.  The film itself rests on the shoulder of the actor who has to play the addict and they have gotten there right man as Michael Fassbender put’s on a oscar worthy performance, yes the film will make you flinch a lot and yes you will be drained by the time the end credits come up but trust me when i say that this film is of the highest standards of excellence.

4. Tyrannosaur

This is another one of those films that is a bit of a hard sell to people however after you have watched it you come out thinking that this film has too be seen by as many people as possible.  For a first time director, actor Paddy Considine has shown people that he has a nack for helming a film as this movie is tough, brutal and harsh but the quality of what is on show is of the highest standards.  The one other thing that people need to take note about this film is how brilliant Olivia Coleman is in the lead role as she has proven that she is a actress of note.

3. Ted

The problem with the comedy genre over the last few years is that the films on show are not funny at all, you see you can’t just have lot’s of fart jokes in your movie and expect people to laugh, so when Seth McFarlane of Family Guy fame said he was to direct a comedy film about a talking bear i thought that this is the end of his career and i couldn’t be anymore wrong.  Ted is by far not only the funniest film of the year but the best comedy film i’ve seen for a very long time, yes you do have the usual fart jokes on show but McFarlane handles them with his witty sense of humor and this brings the film to life.  The film isn’t just all about the comedy what you also have here is that rare thing and that’s a comedy movie with a bit of a heart.  If you haven’t seen Ted then you really must treat yourself and watch this.

2. The Cabin in the Woods

Horror has been needing a new injection of blood over the last 10 years as we are sick of seeing the same shaky cam found footage film or the same old possession movie so thank god Cabin in the Woods came along and gave the genre the big kick up the bum that it needed.  The film takes the typical abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods approach and turns it on it’s head by doing something that i know you will not have seen at all.  The 2 people that every horror fan should thank for this fantastic film is Drew Goddard who last worked on Cloverfield and the master himself Joss Wheadon.  Please please please see this movie even if you are not a fan of horror you will enjoy the hell out of this.

1. The Artist

It takes a very brave person to say that they are releasing not only a black and white film but also a silent movie too boot and what Michel Hazanavicius has done here is nothing short of absolute brilliance.  I was a bit skeptical when i first heard about the film but it blew me away when i finally managed to watch it, this film shows you that you don’t need a huge big budget or giant monsters that explode to make not onlt one of the most charming films of the year but one of the most brave films of the last 20 years.  The Artist is one of those rare and special films that should be seen by everybody even the people who say that silent films suck or a movie doesn’t work in black and white.  My only hope is that American studio’s don’t start to churn out film after film of this ilk as i don’t want a movie like this to be tainted.

Honorable Mentions 

Dredd 3D – This surprsied me on how good it was and it had no right to be as the last time Judge Dredd was on our big screen it was a big pile of steam poo, but Dredd 3D showed the true roots of the character and the true style of him as Dredd is not supposed to be a wise cracking person he is meant to be dark and brooding and this movie captures that too a T.

The Raid – I’m not a fan at all of martial arts films i just think they are really boring however the Raid showed me that in the right hands you have a film that goes at 100MPH and still make it the entertaining ride that it should be.

Margin Call – When you have a movie that’s about a banking crisis you know you might have a hard sell on your hand as i would guess not very many people want to sit down and watch a film like that, so it’s nice too see that a movie that is based around one of the biggest banking crisis of all time be such a enthralling and enjoyable film and Margin Call is that movie.

Tomboy – I love these small little french films that take a simple premise and make a charming little film out of it and Tomboy is one of those films.  Basing a movie on a 10 year old girl who want’s too be a boy is a brave subject to tackle and it could of gone horribly wrong but thank god it didn’t as this is a well made, brilliantly acted small film that should be seen.

Avengers Assemble – I had to put this in my mentions because of two reasons, firstly it’s a super hero movie that doesn’t fall into the trap of having very little happen for nearly most of the film and then do a big set piece and secondly for finally giving Joss Wheadon the attention he deserves.  If this film was in anybody else hands it would of been a mess however that’s not the case at all with Avengers Assemble, it’s the fun and entertaining film that it is.

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