UK box office top 10


Well it looks like dreaming a dream for Les Miserables paid off as it has managed to stay on the top of the chart despite a bit of competition from Mr Tarantino’s new film.

Only 2 new entries in this weeks chart, first off going in at number 7 was the 3D re-release of Monsters Inc just in time for you to brush up on the characters ready for the sequel this summer.  The highest new entry this week went to Django Unchained going in at number 2 and making it Tarantino’s second highest grossing debut movie.

Just a quick note on two films that failed to make the chart and that’s The Sessions which took just under £84.000 and was released on 104 screens and horror anthology movie V/H/S which was only shown on 14 screens and took just over £2.000, which is a shame as it’s a good movie however i think it will play better in the home.

10. Parental Guidence – £206.060 – £4.224.758

9. Jack Reacher – £212.540 – £9.126.695

8. Quartet – £335.518 – £5.904.503

7. Monsters Inc 3D – (NE) – £681.247

6. The Hobbit – £765.437 – £49.997.203

5. Gangster Squad – £791.799 – £3.890.342

4. The Impossible – £1.092.754 – £9.118.833

3. Life of Pi – £1.201.163 – £24.147.499

2. Django Unchained – (NE) – £2.801.312

1. Les Miserables – £4.406.828 – £17.360.303

New Releases – You have a lot to choose from this week if you are after a new film to see at the cinema, so i will quickly go over them.  First off you have small unknown British horror film Hollow, your next film choice is a comedy movie featuring the biggest cast i have ever seen in Movie 43, Mr Schwarzenegger returns to the big screen with action movie The Last Stand, Steven Spielberg brings us the story of Lincoln and Jessica Chastain stars in Kathryn Bigalow’s thriller Zero Dark Thirty.


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