UK box office top 10


Well it looks like A Good Day to Die Hard is not shouting Yippee Ki Yay anymore as it only managed to hold on to the top spot for 1 lonely week, instead it was the might of Wreck-It Ralph that found it’s way of reigning supreme over everything else.

This weeks chart saw 3 new films grace it, first off going in at number 8 was comedy drama Song For Marion, doing slightly better by hitting the number 6 spot was sci-fi drama Cloud Atlas.  This weeks highest new entry though went to horror film Mama which found it’s way into the top 3 at number 3.

One other box office result of note is Danny Dyer’s new film Run for your Wife, after it only took £602 in it’s opening weekend it has managed to crawl back a bit of it’s dignity by bringing it’s overall total to just over £13.000 and putting it in the small category of films that has made more than 20 times what it took in it’s first week.

10. Beautiful Creatures – £398.401 – £2.170.260

9. Django Unchained – £427.027 – £14.541.950

8. Song for Marion – (NE) – £456+.714

7. This is 40 – £473.915 – £2.288.475

6. Cloud Atlas – (NE) – £544.725

5. I Give it a Year – £632.195 – £5.084.998

4. Les Miserable – £765.367 – £37.804.139

3. Mama – (NE) – £1.512.297

2. A Good Day To Die Hard – £1.646.541 – £8.192.198

1. Wreck-It Ralph – £3.240.196 – £18.624.692

New Releases – A bit of a mixture of films to pick from this week so i will quickly go over them.  If OTT horror action film is your taste then Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters is for you, sticking with horror you also have small shaky cam film The Bay.  It’s not all about horror though you also have 2 drama’s to choose from in the form of Broken city and Arbitrage.


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