US box office top 10


Well it seems that the Man of Steel can be stopped as it only spent one week at the top of the chart thanks to it having tough competition from two big films.

Only two new movies made their way into this weeks top 10.  First off going in at number two was zombie apocalypse movie World War Z, which despite it being a hard book to turn into a movie turned out to be not bad.  This weeks highest new entry and the new number one went to animated prequel Monsters University.

New Releases – Three new films will be trying to get your money this week.  Firstly is vampire-esq film Byzantium which is only getting a very limited release and should be seen.  Your other new movies are comedy film The Heat and over the top action film White House Down.

10. Iron Man 3 – $2,175,000 – $403,120,000

9. Star Trek Into Darkness – $3,000,000 – $216,611,000

8. The Purge – $3,412,000 – $59,428,000

7. The Internship – $3,425,000 – $38,365,000

6. Fast and Furious 6 – $4,725,000 – $228,413,000

5. Now you See Me – $7,870,000 – $94,451,000

4. This is the End – $13,000,000 – $57,792,000

3. Man of Steel – $41,215,000 – $210,006,000

2. World War Z – (NE) – $66,000,000

1. Monsters University – (NE) – $82,000,000


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  1. I’m astounded/a little offended by the fact that Man of Steel (which I thought was fantastic, if you want to check out my review) has taken a backseat to the likes of Monsters University, which I am sure is quite a good film. It’s yet another animated movie, though!!! Gah! Guess I’ll have to check that out.

    Still undecided about White House Down, do you really think that thing is going to differ much (if at all) from Olympus Has Fallen? If you have seen one, I almost think you’ll have seen both. . . guess we’ll see on that too.

  2. I knew it was only going to be number 1 for one week, it had the biggest drop off of any film in the top 10.
    I think with white house down it will be less violent than olympus has fallen with it heing in he hands of roland emmerich.

    Thanks for the reply

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