UK box office top 10



Well the Man of Steel has now been proven that he can be stopped as he now no longer holds the title of the number one movie thanks to it being blown away by one of this weeks new films.

Three new films entered this weeks chart.  First off going in at number five and taking a very low £206,000 was Hummingbird starring Jason Statham, this is his lowest taking movie since his career kicked off before then it was Blitz that only managed to take £260,000 in it’s opening weekend.  The next highest new entry went to comedy movie This is the End featuring actors Seth Rogan and James Franco opened at number 4 but slightly behind what it should of taken.

The highest new entry this week went to Despicable Me 2 which opened up to a huge £14 million thanks to taking nearly £6 million in it’s preview weekend so it managed a huge £9 million in it’s debut weekend, the only animated film to top that was Toy Story 3 back in 2010 which opened up to nearly £12 million and that went on to smash the £70 million mark, if it stay’s on course then it should be the highest taking movie of the year ahead of Les Miserable and Iron Man 3.

New Releases – Only two new films will be trying to make a dent into Despicable Me 2 takings next week, we also have two smaller films which shouldn’t bother the chart that much but if they do make it into the top 10 then they will be happy.  Firstly the two smaller movies are surfing drama starring Gerrard Butler Chasing Mavericks and documentary about the band Pussy Riot.  The two biggest films of the week are comedy movie The Internship starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn and thriller about the world of illusion Now You See Me.

10 – Epic – £90,210 – £12,855,171

9. Before Midnight – £120,046 – £505,262

8. The Hangover Part 3 – £142,155 – £19,165,262

7. After Earth – £157,622 – £6,137,273

6. Behind the Candelabra – £187,395 – £2,918,724

5. Hummingbird – (NE) – £206,731

4. This is the End – (NE) – £1,390,323

3. World War Z – £2,422,917 – £9,831,101

2. Man of Steel – £2,433,576 – £26,223,494

1. Despicable Me 2 – (NE) – £14,822,427


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