UK box office top 10 – W/E 07/04/14


Well the captain couldn’t hold on to the top spot for two weeks as Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now no longer reigning supreme at the top of the charts that accolade has gone to animated sequel Rio 2.

In even more good news for Rio 2 it seems that a lot more people are interested in the animated sequel than it’s counterpart, the original film could only manage £1.5 million in it’s opening weekend including preview’s, this time the sequel has nearly doubled that by taking just shy of £3 million.

Looking at the rest of the chart and we see another three new films and one new event taking over the top 10.  La Boheme: Met Opera was streamed to over 160 screens and managed to enter the chart at a respectful number Seven.  the other new entries in the chart included the Richard Ayoade comedy The Double which went in at number eight, the latest film to try and take the Hunger Games crown, Divergent hit the number four spot and Darren Aronofsky’s take on Noah which went in at number three.

New Releases – A lot of new films are out this week and each one of them has a chance to make some kind of impact on next weeks top 10.  Out for releases is horror from the masters at Hammer Films, The Quiet Ones, dark drama with a hint of comedy in Calvary, over the top martial arts fight-fest sequel The Raid 2, small sci-fi drama The Last Days on Mars and animated adventure Khumba.

10. Non-Stop – £189,815 – £9,150,776

9. The Lego Movie – £264,574 – £31,993,600

8. The Double – (NE) – £281,794

7. La Boheme: Met Opera – (NE) – £374,522

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel – £611,999 – £9,152,006

5. Muppets Most Wanted – £897,395 – £3,513,823

4. Divergent – (NE) – £1,767,295

3. Noah – (NE) – £2,511,397

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – £2,764,030 – £10,933,395

1. Rio 2 – (NE) – £2,882,680


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