UK box office top 10 – W/E 26/05/14


As predicted last week Godzilla could only hold on to the top spot for just one week as it has been knocked of by the might of the X-Men in X-Men; Days of Future Past.

In more good news for the X-Men the film has become the highest grossing début weekend film this year beating The amazing Spider-Man 2 into second place.

Elsewhere in the chart we have two other new entries in the form of terrible comedy Blended starring Adam Sandler which went in at number five and the animated adventures of Postman Pat in his first movie going in at number four.

New Releases – It’s a big week for new films as there is three huge movies to choose from, firstly thriller Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise, your second choices is Disney’s dark telling of the witch Maleficent from the Sleeping Beauty stories and your final choice is comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West starring, written and directed by Seth MacFarlane.

10. The Lego Movie – £185,087 – £33,512,593

9. The amazing Spider-Man 2 – £255,482 – £23,642,745

8. The Two Faces of January – £303,637 – £907,494

7. The Other Woman – £335,059 – £8,681,688

6. Rio 2 – £341,785 – £13,936,487

5. Blended – (NE) – £688,547

4. Postman Pat: The Movie – (NE) – £774,750

3. Bad Neighbours – £1,222,235 – £13,511,060

2. Godzilla – £2,731,355 – £11,828,213

1. X-Men: Days of Future Past – (NE) – £9,144,971


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