Box office top 10 – W/E 19/01/15


Despite a week where we had some really strong films nothing could knock Taken 3 off the top spot even though Clint Eastwood’s latest film American Sniper had a really good try.

Other new entries in this weeks chart went to event feature Met Opera: the Merry Widow going in at number 10, Reese Witherspoon’s personal drama Wild hitting the number nine spot and critically acclaimed drama Whiplash drumming it’s way into the number seven spot.

Upcoming – Last week we had nothing but drama’s to select from this week however it seems to be a week for thrillers with a comedy thrown into the mix, so on offer is Sci-Fi thriller from Alex Garland with Ex Machina, Mark Wahlberg stars in The Gambler, Oscar Issacs crops up for a second time in A Most Violent Year and Johnny Depp stars in goofy comedy Mordecai.

10. Met Opera: The Merry Widow – (NE) – £463,195

9. Wild – (NE) – £524,941

8. Birdman – £551,250 – £4,015,427

7. Whiplash – (NE) – £573,546

6. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – £640,490 – £40,331,079

5. Paddington – £943,320 – £34,067,531

4. Into the Woods – £1,999,377 – £5,368,800

3. The Theory of Everything – £2,326,473 – £11,942,161

2. American Sniper – (NE) – £2,530,473

1. Taken 3 – £3,295,309 – £12,223,651

US Top 5

It seems that audience rushed to see American Sniper as it’s not only this weeks new number one knocking Taken 3 off the top spot but it managed to take over $100 million dollars in doing so.

It’s not all good news for the film as even though it has been getting good reviews the political stand point of the film seem’s to be dividing people, this hasn’t stop the film from rising from last weeks number 21 to this weeks number one.

Other new entries in the top five went to the latest comedy from Kevin Hart in the Wedding Ringer and the brilliant British family adventure in Paddington at number two.

5. Selma

4. Taken 3

3. The Wedding Ringer – (NE)

2. Paddington – (NE)

1. American Sniper


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