Box office top 10 – W/E 02/02/15


American Sniper reign only lasted one week at the top of the chart as it has been knocked off by one of this weeks new entries.

It was a big battle between two films this week, both Big Hero 6 and Kingsman: The Secret Service went head to head and Big Hero 6 came out top, only just though as just under £50,000 separated them both.

Other new films in this weeks chart included opera event Les Contes D’Hoffmann going in at number 10 and the latest quirky comedy drama from director Paul Thomas Anderson with Inherent Vice which hit the number nine spot.

10. Les Contes D’Hoffmann – (NE) – £238,597

9. Inherent Vice – (NE) – £363,133

8. Ex Machina – £410,327 – £2,055,694

7. Paddington – £442,869 – £35,517,698

6. Into the Woods – £734,370 – £8,411,168

5. Taken 3 – £801,562 – £16,560,282

4. The Theory of Everything – £1,032,912 – £16,643,178

3. American Sniper – £1,586,745 – £9,335,482

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service – (NE) – £4,241,292

1. Big Hero 6 – (NE) – £4,293,286

Upcoming – a interesting mixture of films are on offer this week including one movie that was the reason for the hack that hit Sony last year.  On offer is the latest film from the minds that brought us the Matrix with Jupiter Ascending, the Plasticine spin off from the Wallace and Gromit series with Shaun the Sheep: The Movie, the latest Oscar contention film with drama Selma and controversial comedy The Interview.

US Chart

American Sniper managed to hold on to the top spot for a third week in a row without so much of a challenge as it’s closest rival was Sci-Fi adventure Project Almanac which went in at number two and failed to take more than $10 million.

The only other new entry in this weeks top five went to drama starring Kevin Costner in Black and White.

5. The Boy Next Door

4. Black and White – (NE)

3. Paddington

2. Project Almanac – (NE)

1. American Sniper


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  1. Man these posts are so interesting. I went to my local cinema the other day and still was seeing SOLD OUT showings for ‘American Sniper.’ Just. . .crazy. That one really struck a nerve over on these shores.

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