Box office top 10 – W/E 16/02/15


It was obvious that Big Hero 6 wouldn’t be able to stay at the top of the chart this week as one sexy movie based on a novel that’s even more steamier than it’s big screen brother has managed to not only go straight into the top spot, but also broke a few records on it’s way, that film in question is Fifty Shades of Grey

No other new film managed to get into the top 10 this week as no studio thought it was wise for them to go up against the behemoth that was Fifty Shades, their was another new entry though but calling it a film is pushing it, that new entry was Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots.

Upcoming – Not a huge release for movies this week however their are a few that might stand a chance of scraping into the bottom end of the chart, on offer is Sci-Fi  film Project Almanac, thriller from director Michael Mann with Blackhat, drama starring Jennifer Aniston in Cake and mind bending Sci-Fi thriller in Predestination.

10. Paddington – £208,857 – £36,110,763

9. Selma – £429,086 – £1,763,050

8. The Theory of Everything – £522,465 – £18,944,146

7. American Sniper – £641,174 – £12,207,451

6. Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots – (NE) – £687,417

5. Jupiter Ascending – £827,604 – £2,821,198

4. Kingsman: The Secret Service – £1,605,942 – £10,883,927

3. Shaun the Sheep: The Movie – £1,736,986 – £4,370,805

2. Big Hero 6 – £1,841,570 – £9,869,760

1. Fifty Shades of Grey – (NE) – £13,550,290

US Chart

It seems that the Juggernaut that is Fifty Shades of Grey managed to cast a huge spell on the US chart as well as the UK one as not only has the movie gone straight into the number one spot but it has managed to also claim the prize of having the highest opening of any R rated film.

One other new film managed to crack the top five and that was action spy film Kingsman: The Secret Service which managed to enter the chart at number two taking just over $40 million.

5. Jupiter Ascending

4. American Sniper

3. Spongbob : Sponge out of Water

2. Kingman: The Secret Service – (NE)

1. Fifty Shades of Grey – (NE)


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