Box office top 10 – W/E 23/02/15


Despite it getting very mixed reviews from critics and suffering a hefty 66% drop from it’s opening weekend, Fifty Shades of Grey has managed to stay at the top of the chart and has also became the highest grossing 18 rated film of all time taking over The Wolf of Wall Street, even better though for Fifty Shades is that it managed it in only 10 days and it looks to easily pass the £40 million in it’s full run.

Their was a couple of new films that managed to creep into the chart, firstly going in at a low number six was teen Sci-Fi action film project Almanac, the highest new entry went to comedy The Wedding Ringer which went in at number five.

Upcoming – It’s not a big week for new films however a few of them will be trying their best to crack into the top 10, on offer is comedy sequel Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, thriller starring Jennifer Lopez in The Boy Next Door, Will Smith stars in witty thriller Focus and indie horror with It Follows.

10. American Sniper, £414,648 from 341 sites. Total: £13,021,706

9. Jupiter Ascending, £436,526 from 342 sites. Total: £3,925,912

8. The Theory of Everything, £445,461 from 324 sites. Total: £19,908,073

7. Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots, £504,253 from 407 sites. Total: £2,020,924

6. Project Almanac, £868,030 from 385 sites (new)

5. The Wedding Ringer, £990,445 from 384 sites (new)

4. Kingsman: The Secret Service, £1,216,457 from 457 sites. Total: £13,385,637

3. Shaun the Sheep the Movie, £2,429,181 from 561 sites. Total: £10,352,125

2. Big Hero 6, £2,581,806 from 575 sites. Total: £16,178,232

1. Fifty Shades of Grey, £4,597,092 from 596 sites. Total: £25,242,636

US Chart

Like with the UK chart Fifty Shades of Grey has managed to hold on to the top spot in the US as well however the drop off was even bigger with the film dropping 74% from last weekends takings.

Two new films managed to make it’s way into the chart however it’s the absent Hot Tub Time Machine 2 from the top five which has gone and suprised the chart with the comedy sequel on managing the number seven spot.The two new films that did manage to get into the top five were comedy The DUFF hitting the number five spot and sports drama McFarland, USA hitting the number four spot.

5. The DUFF – (NE)

4. McFarland USA – (NE)

3. The Spongbob Movie: Sponge out of Water

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service.

1. Fifty Shades of Grey


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