This weeks Chart (W/E 15/06/15)


Last week Spy was sitting high at the top of the charts laughing away at itself unaware that in the distance would be a huge dinosaur shaped behemoth ready to knock it off it’s perch, that film in question is Jurassic World and not only did it knock Spy off the top spot it did much much better than thought.

It was predicted that Jurassic World would do well however nobody could of guessed that it would do as well as it did, so well that it scored the highest takings for a debut movie this year ahead of Avengers: Age of ultron and Fifty Shades of Grey.

Despite Jurassic World dominating the chart their was still one other new entry in the form of Musical drama London Road which went in at number eight.

Upcoming – When it comes to new films this week it seems that distributors are giving Jurassic World a bit of breathing space, so none of the three main release should challenge the dinosaur epic. On offer is the big screen outing of the Entourage crew, Nicholas Sparks latest romantic drama with The Longest Ride and Ian McKellen steps in the shoes of Sherlock Holmes with Mr Holmes

10. Tomorrowland: The World Beyond, £121,847 from 341 sites. Total: £4,971,372
9. Avengers: Age of Ultron, £162,446 from 267 sites. Total: £48,075,500
8. London Road, £216,223 from 37 sites (new)
7. Secret Cinema: The Empire Strikes Back, £261,525 from one site. Total: £666,340
6. Mad Max: Fury Road, £397,541 from 374 sites. Total: £16,483,914
5. Pitch Perfect 2, £411,269 from 475 sites. Total: £16,800,925
4. Insidious: Chapter 3, £692,560 from 432 sites. Total: £2,836,965
3. San Andreas, £844,397 from 478 sites. Total: £9,915,841
2. Spy, £1,549,756 from 532 sites. Total: £5,549,333
1. Jurassic World, £19,350,727 from 605 sites (new)

US Chart
As with the UK chart Jurassic World reigns supreme at the top of the US chart by not only obliterating this weeks competition but also destroying any other film in it’s path. Opening with a huge $208 million the film had the highest opening of any film not just for the week but also of all time beating Marvel’s Avengers.

5. Pitch Perfect 2
4. Insidous Chapter 3
3. San Andreas
2. Spy
1 Jurassic World (NE)


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