This weeks chart (29/06/15)


Jurassic Worlds reign at the top of the chart had to come to a end sometime and it was up to those yellow adorable creatures known as the Minions to topple it and that it did.

Going straight in at number one The Minions took an impressive £11.5 million in it’s opening weekend making it the highest grossing animated film in it’s debut weekend just ahead of Toy Story 3.

With the Minions hitting the number one spot you would think that no other new film would want to be released in the same week as they wouldn’t have a chance to crack the top 10 however this is not true, in fact their were two other new films in this weeks chart in the form of indie western Slow West going in at number 10 and dark thriller Knock Knock hitting the number seven spot.

Upcoming – Two big films this week will fighting to make some kind of impact on next weeks chart, those films in question are Terminator Genisys and Magic Mike XXL.

10. Slow West, £140,858 from 69 sites (new)

9. San Andreas, £196,676 from 265 sites. Total: £11,167,836

8. The Longest Ride, £205,549 from 363 sites. Total: £989,255

7. Knock Knock, £250,549 from 266 sites (new)

6. Entourage, £271,731 from 378 sites. Total: £1,256,233

5. Secret Cinema: The Empire Strikes Back, £275,875 from 1 site. Total: £1,415,015

4. Mr Holmes, £396,982 from 516 sites. Total: £1,695,740

3. Spy, £630,497 from 422 sites. Total: £8,611,784

2. Jurassic World, £5,776,465 from 604 sites. Total: £48,912,405

1. Minions, £11,558,946 from 571 sites (new)

US Chart

Their was no change at the top of this weeks chart with Jurassic World remaining at number one and Inside Out sticking to the number two spot.

The top five did see two new entries in the form of drama Max going in at number four and comedy sequel Ted 2 hitting the number three spot.

5. Spy

4. Max (NE)

3. Ted 2 (NE)

2. Inside Out

1. Jurassic World


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