This weeks chart (03/08/15)


Tom Cruise films are not normally the big hitters that people expect them to be, his last selection of films Edge of Tomorrow, Oblivion and Jack reacher failed to set the chart on fire so there is plenty of speculation about the actors gravitas on the chart, so it’s nice to see one of his films doing well and that’s what Mission Impossible: Rogue Nations has done by going straight in at number one.

It wasn’t a good week for other new films as only one managed to crack the top 10 in the form of comedy Hot Pursuit which went in at number seven. Warner Bros was probably expecting the buddy cop movie to do well thanks to the teaming up of Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara however like with the US the movie failed to make any impact on the top 10.

Upcoming – Fox/Marvel will be hoping for a descent result from this weeks big release Fantastic Four however with average reviews hopes are not high. Other new release this week include thriller The Gift and dog drama Max.

10. Bajrangi Bhaijaan, £191,612 from 63 sites. Total: £2,166,328
9. Ted 2, £285,385 from 365 sites. Total: £9,548,533
8. Secret Cinema: The Empire Strikes Back, £295,275 from 1 site. Total: £3,396,715
7. Hot Pursuit, £311,673 from 328 sites (new)
6. Jurassic World, £455,645 from 402 sites. Total: £62,711,661
5. Minions, £1,007,186 from 580 sites. Total: £40,042,323
4. Ant-Man, £1,126,080 from 519 sites. Total: £12,760,015
3. Southpaw, £1,129,608 from 409 sites. Total: £4,036,987
2. Inside Out, £3,574,424 from 621 sites. Total: £16,966,799
1. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, £5,351,344 from 572 sites (new)

US Chart

Going straight into the number one spot on this week chart was the 5th outing for Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation. The only other new entry in this weeks chart went to comedy Vacation.

5. Pixels
4. Minions
3. Ant-Man
2. Vacation
1. Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation


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