This weeks chart (W/E 19/10/15)

hotel transylvania 2

What a difference a week can be at the UK box office as all five of the big releases of the week have managed to find their way into the top 10 with Hotel Transylvania 2 claiming top spot.

Having a bit of a head start over the rest of the chart Hotel Trnasylvania 2 opened up with a stonking £6.32 million thanks to it having two preview weekends, in contrast the first film managed to take £8.3 million in it’s entire run.

Other new entries in this weeks chart included very strange comedy drama The Lobster going in at number nine, the latest film from Guillermo Del Toro, Crimson Peak which hit the number five spot, the origin of Peter Pan is told in Pan which went in at number three and British drama Suffragette which went into the number two spot thanks to it opening on a Monday.

Upcoming – With the latest James Bond film Spectre opening next Monday it will not be in contention for next weeks chart, this leaves a bit of a slow week when it comes to new movies with only two having the chance of hitting the top 10, the films in question are fantasy adventure The Last Witch Hunter and the final entry in the Paranormal Activity series with Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

10. Everest, £218,450 from 255 sites. Total: £10,265,763
9. The Lobster, £229,619 from 75 sites (new)
8. The Intern, £269,851 from 299 sites. Total: £2,402,314
7. Legend, £449,248 from 327 sites. Total: £17,578,665
6. Sicario, £877,236 from 438 sites. Total: £3,341,737
5. Crimson Peak, £967,168 from 421 sites (new)
4. The Martian, £2,419,958 from 564 sites. Total: £17,491,033
3. Pan, £2,738,758 from 491 sites (new)
2. Suffragette, £2,938,446 from 526 sites (new)
1. Hotel Transylvania 2, £6,317,438 from 557 sites (new)

US Chart
Over in the US the top five has had a bit of a spring clean with last weeks number one The Martian being kicked off the top spot by the big screen debut of the Goosebumps series.

Other new entries in the chart included gothich romantic fantasy fairytale Crimson Peak which went in at number three and the latest film from Steven Speilberg Bridge of Spies which went in at number three.

One other quick thing of note is that Pan had the biggest drop off of any other film in the top ten, this is even more bad news for the film as it’s overall total so far stands at a very low $25.7 million from a budget of around $150 million

5. Hotel Transylvania 2
4. Crimson Peak (NE)
3. Bride of Spies (NE)
2. The Martian
1. Goosebumps (NE)


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