This weeks chart (26/10/15)

hotel transylvania 2

For a second week in a row Hotel Transylvania 2 has managed to sink it’s teeth into the number one spot fending off the rest of the competition.

With the latest adventure of James Bond in Spectre only coming out on Monday two new films had their chance to make some kind of impact on the chart however they failed to get to the top spot, they were fantasy adventure The Last Witch Hunter going in at number five and the final entry in the Paranormal Activity, The Ghost Dimension hitting the number three spot.

Upcoming – Nothing will be challenging Spectre this week so it’s the only film of note that is out this week.

10. The Lobster, £241,922 from 84 sites. Total: £651,712
9. Legend, £286,176 from 255 sites. Total: £18,063,131
8. Crimson Peak, £500,299 from 432 sites. Total: £1,994,317
7. Sicario, £549,458 from 414 sites. Total: £4,379,944
6. Pan, £1,215,080 from 508 sites. Total: £4,592,531
5. The Last Witch Hunter, £1,241,292 from 365 sites (new)
4. Suffragette, £1,343,819 from 535 sites. Total: £5,806,295
3. Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension, £1,472,427 from 405 sites (new)
2. The Martian, £1,732,329 from 561 sites. Total: £20,391,517
1. Hotel Transylvania 2, £2,275,612 from 588 sites. Total: £9,401,493

US Chart

None of the new release in the US has managed to make a impact on the chart, in fact The Martian has cottoned on to the fact that the new release have bombed so it’s jumped on Hotel Transylvania 2 and knocked it off the top spot.

The only new entry in the top five went to fantasy adventure The Last Witch Hunter which hit the number four spot.

5. Hotel Transylvania 2
4. The Last Witch Hunter (NE)
3. Bridge of Spies
2. Goosebumps
1. The Martian


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