This weeks chart (W/E 02/11/15)


It will come as no suprise to hear that the latest James Bond film Spectre has gone straight into the number one spot breaking many many records along the way.

Taking a insane £41.3m in it’s opening week it has become the highest grossing debut movie of all time knocking Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban of that perch in which it was their for the last 11 years.

If you however take out the preview takings for Spectre (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) out of the equation then Spectre didn’t do as well as the last James bond film Skyfall or the final entry in the Harry Potter series.

Obviously nothing else decided to try and tackle the might of Spectre so the only other new entry in this weeks chart went to live event Tannhauser.

Upcoming – After the lacking selection of films to choose from last week this week see’s a bit of a better selection to pick from including horror comedy Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, drama Brooklyn, over the top thriller with a dark comedic streak with Kill Your Friends and cooking drama Burnt.

10. Crimson Peak, £153,312 from 274 sites. Total: £2,335,449
9. Inside Out, £156,456 from 370 sites. Total: £38,911,159
8. Tannhauser – Met Opera, £162,876 from 162 sites (new, live event)
7. The Last Witch Hunter, £388,484 from 369 sites. Total: £2,179,554
6. The Martian, £590,743 from 448 sites. Total: £21,797,926
5. Suffragette, £594,930 from 441 sites. Total: £7,447,800
4. Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension, £704,814 from 413 sites. Total: £2,957,877
3. Pan, £790,332 from 501 sites. Total: £7,165,126
2. Hotel Transylvania 2, £2,417,940 from 589 sites. Total: £16,027,267
1. Spectre, £41,299,090 from 651 sites (new)

US Chart

A really bad week for the US chart, in fact this is the worst week for the chart in 2015 with none of the new films out this week making any kind of impact, so no new films went into this weeks top 5.

5. The Last Witch Hunter
4. Hotel Transylvania 2
3. Bridge of Spies
2. Goosebumps
1. The Martian


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