This weeks chart (W/E 14/12/15)

the hunger games

Their is always a first for something when it comes to the chart and this weeks brings us the first time in 2015 that there was no new entries in the top 10.

This would be the space where i say what new films made it into the chart however seeing as their is none i will say that the chart shuffled around a little with Victor Frankenstein moving down the chart enabling Carol to move up one space, the rest of the chart however has remained pretty much the same as last week.

Upcoming – Well their is only one film of note this week, a movie that is in a galaxy far far away, a movie that is strong with the force, a movie, ok i’ll stop it, that movie in question is Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

10. Victor Frankenstein, £161,612 from 398 sites. Total: £811,815
9. Carol, £240,237 from 304 sites. Total: £1,773,391
8. Krampus, £272,594 from 342 sites. Total: £957,229
7. Black Mass, £292,142 from 389 sites. Total: £2,959,971
6. The Lady in the Van, £321,592 from 467 sites. Total: £11,261,950
5. Christmas With the Coopers, £467,583 from 418 sites. Total: £1,437,439
4. Bridge of Spies, £783,293 from 442 sites. Total: £5,429,463
3. Spectre, £807,462 from 442 sites. Total: £92,042,790
2. The Good Dinosaur, £1,273,294 from 545 sites. Total: £6,748,842
1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, £1,286,244 from 513 sites. Total: £25,496,552


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