This weeks chart (04/01/16)

star wars

The first chart of 2016 will come as no surprise to read as Star Wars The Force Awakens has managed to hold on to the top spot for another week bringing it’s overall total to just under £98 million in only 17 days.

New entries in the first chart of the year included drama The Danish Girl going in at number four with quirky drama Joy going in one place above it at number three.

Upcoming – Only one new film of note is out this week and with some cinema’s not showing it looks like The Hateful Eight might struggle a little.
1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, £10,304,562 from 651 sites. Total: £97,383,157
2. Daddy’s Home, £2,908,358 from 444 sites. Total: £8,142,515
3. Joy, £1,519,936 from 507 sites (new)
4. The Danish Girl, £1,376,191 from 508 sites (new)
5. Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie, £1,296,199 from 563 sites. Total: £7,137,976
6. The Good Dinosaur, £849,828 from 553 sites. Total: £12,490,579
7. In the Heart of the Sea, £436,453 from 488 sites. Total: £1,906,141
8. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, £352,830 from 213 sites. Total: £28,462,748
9. Spectre, £278,547 from 145 sites. Total: £94,257,868
10. Branagh Theatre Live: The Winter’s Tale, £230,100 from 184 sites. Total: £1,650,324


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