This weeks chart (W/E 18/01/16)

the revenant

Star Wars reign at the top of the chart had to come to a end sometime however nobody thought that gruelling action drama The Revenant would be the film to knock it off the top spot.

Normally a movie that’s not part of a franchise struggles a little to make a big impact on the chart however it seems that people wanted to see Leonardo Di Caprio go through hell.

This weeks chart did feature another three new entries including Opera event Les Pecheurs De Perles going in at number 10, amazing gripping drama Room hitting the number seven spot and Rock spin-off Creed going in at number three.

Upcoming – It’s a bit of a hectic week this week when it comes to new films as their is a lot to offer including comedy sequel Ride Along 2, the latest teen Sci-Fi thriller The 5th Wave, comedy drama based on the 2008 financial crisis The Big Short and drama Our Brand is Crisis.

10. Les Pêcheurs de Perles: Metropolitan Opera, £354,738 from 172 sites (live broadcast, new)

9. Joy, £417,965 from 435 sites. Total: £4,383,315

8. Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie, £473,952 from 543 sites. Total: £8,923,242

7. Room, £674,033 from 197 sites (new)

6. The Danish Girl, £683,272 from 518 sites. Total: £5,482,050

5. The Hateful Eight, £1,107,520 from 412 sites. Total: £5,205,649

4. Daddy’s Home, £1,500,364 from 473 sites. Total: £14,082,112

3. Creed, £2,221,758 from 482 sites (new)

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, £3,137,258 from 614 sites. Total: £113,955,827

1. The Revenant, £5,235,851 from 589 sites (new)

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