This weeks chart


What a difference a week makes in the chart, The Revenant has managed to hold on to the top spot for 3 weeks however it’s time at number one has finally come to a end thanks to kids spooky adventure Goosebumps.

Other new entries in this weeks chart included pointless action remake of Point Break and classic TV comedy Dad’s Army getting the big screen treatment and hitting the number two spot in doing so.

Upcoming – some weeks we get just a few new films this week however we get probably the most hectic week of the year so far.  On offer is foul mouthed comic book anti-hero Deadpool, zombies invade Jane Austin with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Will Smith stars in drama Concussion, the chipmunks are back with Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip, Eli Roth brings us his hellish vision of cannibals in The Green Inferno, Derek Zoolnader in back in comedy sequel Zoolander 2 and American children’s TV series Jem and the Hologram’s get the big screen treatment.

10. Daddy’s Home, £251,777 from 313 sites. Total: £16,742,333

9. Point Break, £421,818 from 364 sites (new)

8. Ride Along 2, £535,795 from 392 sites. Total: £5,137,791

7. The Big Short, £556,988 from 345 sites. Total: £4,109,325

6. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, £759,950 from 428 sites. Total: £120,686,051

5. Spotlight, £864,199 from 378 sites. Total: £2,641,478

4. Dirty Grandpa, £944,369 from 423 sites. Total: £3,656,658

3. The Revenant, £1,213,805 from 536 sites. Total: £18,350,699

2. Dad’s Army, £2,077,942 from 585 sites (new)

1. Goosebumps, £2,686,105 from 510 sites (new)

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