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Trailer: Gravity

The second trailer for director Alfonso Cuarón’s sci-fi thriller starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as astronauts stranded in orbit during a disasterous mission.

First Impressions: The first trailer showed some impressive looking glimpses and already had us interested in seeing this, the new trailer with a whole sequence shot in one take just seals the deal. This looks absolutely stunning, and the director of Children Of Men looks sure not to disappoint. Having seen the first trailer in 3D at cinemas, I can say that this one also looks to be one to see in 3D. Gravity is due to be released in UK cinemas  on October 18th.

Andrew’s 10 Best Films of 2012

So 2012 is at an end, and there’s been some fantastic movies. Not quite as many sequels this year thankfully, meaning a lot more original ideas, and some genuinely surprising movies. Here’s my top 10 of the year, along with some that didn’t quite make it into that list but are deserving of mention. Read the rest of this entry

Trailer: Texas Chainsaw 3D

A young woman travels to Texas to collect an inheritance; little does she know that an encounter with a chainsaw-yielding killer is part of the reward.

First Impression: Right first things first why the hell did they have to make it in 3D, secondly why the hell did they drop the word massacre from the title and finally why the hell does this look a bit crap, yes i will probably go and see it but my hopes for this are about as high as the Texas Chainsaw massacre: the Next Generation, they are that low.

Review: Dredd 3D

Directed by: Pete Travis.

Starring: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey.

Rating:   Running Time: 95 mins.

In the wake of a world war, much of the Earth has been left an uninhabitable radioactive wasteland. Near the eastern coast of the United States sits Mega City One, a massive walled off metropolis made up of the remains of the old cities as well as massive tower blocks, 200 stories high that house the remains of humanity. Society has crumbled under the weight of the overcrowded living conditions, gangs and clans battle for superiority through block wars, with the only thing preventing pure chaos on the streets being the Judges – law enforcement officers who are able to carry out the roles of judge, jury and executioner on the spot. Read the rest of this entry

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

Directed by: Marc Webb.

Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Denis Leary.

Rating:   Running Time: 136 mins.

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) lives the typical life of a high school student. One day he gains the attention of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) after standing up for a younger kid. Later at home with his Aunt May (Sally Field) and Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen), he finds an old briefcase of his fathers containing scientific documents and a picture of his father with Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) at Oscorp Industries. Peter visits Connors’ lab at Oscorp Read the rest of this entry

Trailer: Resident Evil: Retribution

Alice fights alongside a resistance movement in the continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation and the undead.

First Impression: A very heavy special effect’s laden movie yet i have no problems with it, if this is the last Resident Evil film then they are going out with a huge bang.  Yes it looks to more dumb than a Coldplay concert but it might be explosive fun and i for one will be going to see when it’s released on the 28th September.

Review: Men In Black 3

Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld.

Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Emma Thompson, Bill Hader.

Rating:   Running Time: 103 mins.

As the movie starts we’re introduced to the main villain, a one armed alien named Boris The Animal (Jemaine Clement) who is imprisoned at a maximum security facility on the moon. Helped to escape by a visitor, he makes his way to Earth to exact revenge on the person who took his arm – Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) of the Men In Black, who meanwhile is working with his partner Agent J (Will Smith) and are called to a chinese restaurant to investigate the source of an outbreak of parasites. Read the rest of this entry

Review: Piranha 3DD

Directed By: John Gulager

Starring: Danielle Panabaker, Chris Zylka, David Koechner, Ving Rhames, David Hasselhoff

Rating: Running Time: 82 mins

3D films have never impressed me, you see when you go to see a film you want to be able to sit back and enjoy the experience not have to put a pair of glasses on that turns the picture on the screen into a dull mess, however there have been a few films that i have seen that didn’t make me hate the 3D and one of them being the original Piranha film, yes nothing was added to the film to make it special however very little was taken away, so with fingers crossed i was hoping that the sequel would stick with how the original was and hopefully i would leave with that big grin on my face after coming out of the first 3D Piranha film.

Read the rest of this entry

Trailer: Piranha 3DD Trailer

After the events at Lake Victoria, the pre-historic school of blood-thirsty piranhas make their way into a newly opened waterpark.

First Impression: I really enjoyed Piranha 3D as it’s one of the only 3D movie that didn’t bother me so i was really looking forward to see this in cinema’s however this is coming direct to DVD over here in the UK so the 3D is going to be lost however you can tell from the trailer this is going to be a hoot of a film and i will be the one to review this for the show.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace conversion to 3D

Ok, all of us either know first hand or from word of mouth just how bad a movie the first episode of George Lucas’ Star Wars saga is, with it’s abhorrent acting, atrocious dialogue, and annoying chracters (if only Anakin had turned on that podracer engine while Jar Jar’s hand was stuck in the turbine!), it takes the cake as one of the biggest let downs in the history of hype and cinema. But that is not what i’m writing about in this article, and it IS an article rather than a review, because it’s not the movie that i’m talking about, rather i’m using the movie as an example. The real issue I want to discuss is the retro-conversion of this movie and others from a 2D movie into 3D. Read the rest of this entry