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Box office top 10 – W/E 27/10/14


Well the Turtles were not strong enough to hold on to the top spot for a second week as it has been knocked off by David Ayer’s latest film Fury.

Other new entries in the chart include the brilliant and scary The Babadook which went in at number 10, romantic drama Love, Rosie which went in at number nine, Bollywood film Happy New Year going in at number eight and animated adventure The Book of Life which went in the top five at number four.

Upcoming – A lot of new films are on offer this week including a few re-releases just in time for Halloween, new films on offer include dark thriller Nightcrawler, found footage alien film Extraterrestrial, Daniel Radcliffe shaking off his potter status with the darkly comic Horns and teen horror film Ouija.   The re-releases on offer includes brilliant sci-fi action horror Aliens, classic zombie film Night of the Living Dead and Daniel Radcliffe’s creepy horror The Woman In Black.

10. The Babadook – (NE) – £347,512

9. Love, Rosie – (NE) – £482,535

8. Happy New Year – (NE) – £568,203

7. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day – £571,581 – £697,680

6. Annabelle – £749,621 – £6,013,797

5. The Maze Runner – £905,314 – £5,863,858

4. The Book of Life – (NE) – £981,432

3. Gone Girl – £1,597,962 – £17,064,765

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – £1,927,733 – £7,890,052

1. Fury – (NE) – £2,692,786

US Top 5

Over in the US and the top two films are both new entries in the form of Keaneu Reeves latest film John Wick going in at number two and horror film Ouija which has gone straight into the number one spot.

5. The Book of Life

4. Gone Girl

3. Fury

2. John Wick – (NE)

1. Ouija – (NE)

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Clips

Out on the 24th October in the UK and the 10th October In Scotland comes the latest family comedy from Disney starring Steve Carrell as a father of a family that is all happy smiles apart from one of their sons, bad things always happen to him and he can’t see why everything is sunshine and rainbows with the rest of his family, then one day that all changes when things keep going from bad to worse for everybody else. Below are two clips from the film to enjoy.

Let us know your thoughts and get ready to find out if Alexanders day can get better.