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Coming up this week (23/07/12)

Coming up on this weeks show in the cinema section we’ll be covering what is undoubtedly the biggest movie release of 2012, Christopher Nolan’s final part to his Batman trilogy The Dark Knight Rises. We also hope to be joined for this week by Marc, our friend from Following the Nerd.

On Blu-Ray and DVD we’ll be reviewing Bel Ami starring Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman, Oscar nominated French animation movie A Cat In Paris (Une vie de chat), and drama The Kid With A Bike (Le gamin au vélo), a documentary about the legendary martial artist in I Am Bruce Lee, Neanderthal set Ao The Last Hunter (Ao, le dernier Néandertal) and British drama Wild Bill, plus as usual our look at the latest movie news and the UK Box Office and Blu-Ray/DVD top 10′s.

Join us live from 7:30pm (GMT) on Monday 23rd of June live on our Spreaker page or the Spreaker app which you can download free from the Apple app store/Android marketplace and find us on by just searching for The Monday Movie Show. Don’t forget you can also catch up with any episode of the show on iTunes  or via Spreaker.

UK Box Office Top 10 – 13/03/12

Despite it moving up to the top spot last week The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel could not hold on to the top spot for more than a week as one of this weeks new entries has knocked it off it’s throne.

3 new films graced this weeks top 10, first going in a lower than expected 9th spot was Bel Ami with Robert Patterson, doing a little bit better but again nowhere near what was expected of it was The Raven at number 8 however it was John Carter that went straight into the number one spot and again it took nowhere near the amount that it should of taken.

10 – The Artist – £211.427 – £9.028.092

9 – Bel Ami – (NE) – £296.341

8 – The Raven(NE) – £299.254

7 – Project X – £412.883 – £1.486.494

6 – The Muppets – £667.231 – £15.297.128

5 – Safe House – £774.745 – £6.131.580

4 – This Means War – £1.017.075 – £3.591.896

3 – The Woman in Black – £1.131.402 – £19.485.541

2 – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – £1.787.352 – £10.855.596

1 – John Carter(NE) – £1.960.414

New Releases – 4 big films will be trying to get into next weeks top 10 and i predict that all of them will fit in somewhere, first off is drama We Bought A Zoo based around a English man who actually did buy a zoo, next is 21 Jump Street starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, then we have Contraband the latest thriller starring Mark Whalberg and finally is horror from the people behind Paranormal Activity The Devil Inside.

UK Box Office Top 10 – 05/03/12

None of the new release could knock the woman in black off the top spot how it was last weeks highest new entry the best exotic marigold hotel which managed this feat.

3 new films graced this weeks top 10, firstly going in at number 7 was comedy Wanderlust, doing a little bit better by hitting the number 6 spot was another comedy in the form of Project X however the highest new entry went This Means War going in at number 3.

10 – The Vow – £264.634 – £5.221.026

9 – Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – £387.435 – £6.231.644

8 – The Artist – £469.369 – £8.496.472

7 – Wanderlust – (NE) – £490.592

6 – Project X – (NE) – £561.655

5 – The Muppets – £1.239.822 – £14.434.872

4 – Safe House – £1.316.965 – £4.716.050

3 – This Means War – (NE) – £1.821.698

2 – The Woman In Black – £1.888.238 – £17.629.443

1 – The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – £2.342.095 – £7.014.101

New Releases – 3 big new films are out this week trying to entice you to go and see them, first off there is Bel Ami which stars Robert Patterson and then we have The Raven which tells the story about Edgar Allen Poe and finally the big release of the week is Disney’s John Carter.