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The Best Movie Scores of 2011

So some of you will be wondering, shouldn’t this be called Movie Soundtracks of the year? Well no, for those of you who don’t already know, there are two types of music related to a movie. Soundtrack is usually a collection of songs that are used in the movie, sometimes used in a scene as source music – the characters may be listening to it through a radio. These, when released on cd, are the Soundtracks.

The Score is the background music, often used to emotionally underscore the mood of the movie – it can have a whole different effect on the way the viewer feels about a scene whether it has a piece of score music on it, or no music at all. (There are some cds released which fit both categories, containing a mixture of Soundtrack and Score, but we’ll come to that later).

Then again, there are just some damned fine pieces of music written for a movie (in some cases better than the actual movie). Read the rest of this entry

Andrew’s 10 Best Movies of 2011

2011 was a year full of sequels and remakes (most of which were dreadful, some of which were not), but there were some real gems thrown in the mix which meant it wasn’t a total loss. Here is a break down of my top 10 of the year, whittling them down to just 10 was not easy. Read the rest of this entry

Monday Movie Show: 05/09/11

This week’s show now available covering mockumentary Apollo 18, horror remake Fright Night starring Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and David Tennant, as well as the week’s DVD releases including Fast & Furious 5, Priest, Water For Elephants, and 13 Assassins.

You can listen to any episode of The Monday Movie Show via this link on Spreaker. This week’s episode is now also available to listen to via Soundcloud (or stream through the applet below),  it’s also available as a download in mp3 format through and Zshare