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Listen to 26/10/14’s episode!

This week’s episode of The Monday Movie Show is now available! Catch up with our reviews of Brad Pitt’s world war 2 drama Fury, Guillermo Del Toro presents animated adventure The Book of Life, Jennifer Kent brings us a slice of Australian horror with the critically acclaimed The Babadook and Bradley Cooper stars alongside Jennifer Lawrence in drama Serena.  In the home release section we take a look at Gareth Edwards version of the ultimate Kaiju with Godzilla, Brendan o’Carol brings his television mammy to the big screen with Mrs Browns Boys D’Movie, sci-fi thriller The Anomaly, brotherly drama in Hide Your Smiling Faces and Lucky McKee brings us insane revenge horror with All Cheerleaders Die plus as usual TV movies of the week, a look at the latest movie news and the UK Box Office and Blu Ray/DVD charts.

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