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Coming up this week (26/08/13)

Coming up on this weeks show, in the cinema section we take a look at Neil Blomkamp’s latest film Elysium starring Matt Damon, the latest film to try and take the teen crown away from Twilight, Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, erotic drama exploring the live of porn actress Linda Lovelace in Lovelace and comedy We’re the Millers.  On Blu-Ray/DVD we go over insane action film Olympus Has Fallen, very camp comedy with I’m So Excited, horror thriller The Dyatlov Pass Incident or Devils Pass to the people in the US, zombie comedy Detention of the Dead, drama about the hijacking of a cargo ship in A Hijacking and British crime drama Get Lucky, plus as usual our TV movie of the week, the latest movie news, UK box office top 10 & DVD/Blu-Ray top 10.

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UK box office top 10



Well Star Trek Into Darkness could only hold on to the top spot for just one week, in fact it was knocked down to number 3 thanks to the only 2 new films in this weeks chart.

As said above there was only 2 new films in this weeks top 10.  First off going in at number 3 was The Great Gatsby, the film by Australian director Baz Luhrmann was his highest grossing debut weekend film.  The highest new entry and this weeks new number one went to Fast and Furious 6, not only is it the highest taking Fast and Furious film in it’s debut weekend, it has managed to to take more in it’s first weekend than the whole takings from the first 3 Fast and Furious films combined.

The big films keep on coming and next weeks chart should have two more of them, animated film Epic from the studio behind Ice Age and the wolfpack is back in The Hangover Part 3.  It’s not all about the big films though as 2 of my favorite films of all time from the brilliant Studio Ghibli are getting a re-release, both My Neighbour Totaro and Grave of the Fireflies are getting a 25th anniversary release.

10. I’m So Excited – £45,728 – £726,464

9. Olympus has Fallen – £65,180 – £6,131,193

8. 21 and Over – £108,920 – £2,321,441

7. The Croods – £120,007 – £25,718,772

6. Mud – £129,149 – £506,218

5. All Stars – £196,579 – £1,632,210

4. Iron Man 3 – £1,400,462 – £33,791,344

3. Star Trek Into Darkness – £3,678,228 – £15,553,765

2. The Great Gatsby – (NE) – £4,095,325

1. Fast and Furious 6 – (NE) – £8,717,534

UK box office top 10



It has finally happened, Iron Man 3 reign at the top of the chart has finally come to a end by one of this weeks new films.

Only 2 new movies managed to get into the top 10 this week, first off going in at number 7 was drama Mud starring Matthew McConaughey.  This weeks highest new entry and going straight into the number 1 spot was Star Trek Into Darkness, the good news for the film keeps coming as not only has it managed to take 70% more worldwide in it’s opening weekend than the first movie but it’s also taken more in the UK box office than it’s counterpart.

2 new films out next week that will be trying to topple Star Trek off the top spot after only 1 week are, Baz Luhrmann version of The Great Gatsby and the crew return for for there sixth outing in Fast and Furious 6.

10. Oblivion – £129,648 – £10,486,465

9. The Place Beyond the Pines – £139,045 – £3,230,966

8. I’m So Excited – £142,240 – £611,304

7. Mud – (NE) – £239,037

6. Olympus Has Fallen – £362,772 – £5,881,469

5. The Croods – £383,502 – £25,558,984

4. All Stars – £498,334 – £1,378,486

3. 21 and Over – £580,981 – £1,903,367

2. Iron Man 3 – £3,182,108 – £31,122,954

1. Star Trek Into Darkness – (NE) – £8,431,574

UK box office top 10



I guess it will come as no shock to anybody to find out that Iron Man 3 has spent it’s second week atop the chart despite a drop of nearly 50% as none of this weeks new entries were strong enough.

A total of 4 new films entered this weeks chart, first off going in at number 8 was revenge thriller starring Colin Farrell in Dead Man Down, hitting the chart one spot above at number 7 was comedy film I’m So Excited.  Into the top 5 and at number 4 was children’s dance movie All Stars, this weeks highest new entry though went to comedy film 21 and Over which went straight into the number 2 spot.

When it comes to new films trying to knock Iron Man off the top spot, this weeks big new release Star Trek Into Darkness might just have the power to do that.  There is a couple of other new films out this weeks as well including thriller Deadfall, drama Mud and action film Vehicle 19.

10. Evil Dead – £243,113 – £3,141,364

9. The Place Beyond the Pines – £283,348 – £2,930,607

8. Dead Man Down – (NE) – £294,125

7. I’m So Excited – (NE) – £310,908

6. The Croods – £394,784 – £24,971,608

5. Oblivion – £398,201 – £10,157,018

4. All Stars – (NE) – £563,563

3. Olympus Has Fallen – £672,755 – £5,163,790

2. 21 and Over – (NE) – £772,235

1. Iron Man 3 – £6,307,191 – £24,568,956