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Trailer: X-Men: Days Of Future Past

The final trailer for the latest X-Men movie, with the original director who started the franchise with X-Men and X2 – Bryan Singer – returning to bring the story full circle with Wolverine being sent back in time from the future to prevent a war.

First Impressions: The two previous trailers didn’t do a lot to quiet concerns over the X-Men franchise, thankfully this does, and frankly now looks like Bryan Singer finally has his comic book mojo back after the lacklustre Superman Returns. X-Men: Days Of Future Past is released in the U.K. on 22nd May.

Review: Trance

Directed by: Danny Boyle.

Starring: James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, Rosario Dawson.

Rating:   Running Time: 101 mins.

Simon (James McAvoy), an art auctioneer, is involved in the well planned theft of a painting valued at over £20 million, but at the last moment during the heist he double crosses Frank (Vincent Cassel), the leader of the thieves, and shocks him with a guard’s tazer, which results in Frank hitting Simon on the head with the butt of a shotgun and knocking him out. When Frank opens the package expecting to see the picture, he instead finds an empty frame. Later in hospital, Simon is hailed as a hero in the robbery despite the picture still having been stolen, and returns home to his flat to find it ransacked by Frank’s men looking for the picture. Read the rest of this entry

Trailer: Welcome To The Punch

Produced by Ridley Scott, James McAvoy stars as a police officer chasing a well known member of the criminal underworld played by Mark Strong. When his enemy’s son is shot and left for dead, he finds that the two of them have to team up and work together.

While the plot sounds similar to the Sylvester Stallone movie Bullet To The Head that was released earlier this year, this looks like it may be a much better effort on the part of writer director Eran Creevy. We won’t have long to wait to find out, as Welcome To The Punch is released in UK cinemas on March 15th.

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