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Review: Taken 2

Directed by: Olivier Megaton.

Starring: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen, Rade Serbedzija, Leland Orser.

Rating:   Running Time: 91 mins.

Liam Neeson returns as ex-CIA operative Bryan Mills, who rescued his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) when she was kidnapped by human traffickers previously on a trip to France. In the town of Tropojë, the men who he killed while searching for Kim are being laid to rest by their families, and Murad Krasniqi (Rade Šerbedžija), the father of one of the men vows that they will have their revenge on Mills. Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Bryan has been teaching Kim to drive but on arriving to pick her up, is surprised to learn from his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Jannsen) that Kim has a boyfriend and is currently out with him. Read the rest of this entry

Trailer: Taken 2

The sequel to the small movie starring Liam Neeson as a retired operative out to rescue his daughter, this time with a twist.

First Impressions: The first movie was a sleeper, small movie that did the spy genre really well, this one looks to ramp things up a little, but looks like that’s for the best.

Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises

The third and final trailer for the third and final instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

First Impressions: Now that’s more like it, I was fairly unimpressed with the first DKR trailer, this one has the right kind of epic scale to it, now i AM looking forwards to this, this summer is looking to be the best in years!

Review: Battleship

Directed by: Peter Berg

Starring: Taylor Kitsch,  Alexander Skarsgård, Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, Liam Neeson.

Rating:   Running Time: 131 minutes.

Starting out in 2005 with a scene explaining how scientists have found a planet similar to earth capable of supporting life in a nearby star system and using an array of telescopes on a Hawaiian island and an orbiting satellite, have sent a radio signal towards the planet (named ‘Planet G’) to see if any intelligent life exists there. At the same time, on the Hawaiian mainland, brothers Alex (Taylor Kitsch) and Stone Hopper (True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgård) are celebrating Alex’s birthday in a bar, during which Stone, an officer in the Navy, tries to encourage his younger brother, an unemployed slacker, to find a direction for his life. Read the rest of this entry

US Box Office Top 10 – 03-05/02

Liam Neeson’s latest film couldn’t hold on to the top spot for more than a week as it was knocked off by one of this weeks new entries.

3 new films graced the top 10, first off going in at number 4 was the Drew Barrymore drama Big Miracle, next up hitting the number 2 spot was Daniel Radcliffe latest film The Woman in Black however it was Chronicle that managed to hit the top spot however it was very close with the number 2 movie.

10 – Extremely Loud and Incredible Close – £3.925.000 – $26.793.000

9 – Man on a Ledge – $4.500.000 – $14.700.000

8 – The Descendants – $4.600.000 – $65.523.000

7 – Red Tails – $5.000.000 – $41.323.000

6 – One for the Money – $5.250.000 – $19.668.000

5 – Underworld Awakening  3D – $5.600.000 – $54.353.000

4 – Big Miracle – (NE) – $8.500.000

3 – The Grey – $9.500.000 – $34.756.000

2 – The Woman in Black – (NE) – $21.000.000

1 – Chronicle – (NE) – $22.000.000

New Releases – 4 films will want to find a home somewhere in the top 10 next week, first off is action thriller Safe House then romantic drama released in time for valentine’s day The Vow, the first Star Wars film in 3D in the form of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and finally the rock in family adventure Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

US Box Office Top 10 – 27-29/01

A very interesting we this week when it comes to the top 10 as last weeks number 1 Underworld Awakening couldn’t hold on to the top spot for more than one week.

3 new entries have graced the top 10 this week, first off going in at number 5 was Man on a Ledge, going in at number 3 was One for the Money however it was Liam Neeson’s new film The Grey which went straight into the top spot.

10 – Haywire – $4.000.000 – $15.279.000

9 – Beauty and the Beast 3D – $5.345.000 – $41.147.000

8 – Contraband – $6.500.000 – $56.400.000

7 – The Descendants – $6.550.000 – $58.848.000

6 – Extremely loud and Incredibly Close – $7.145.000 – $21.106.000

5 – Man on a Ledge – (NE) – $8.300.000

4 – Red Tails – $10.400.000 – $33.780.000

3 – One for the Money – (NE) – $11.750.000

2 – Underworld Awakening – $12.500.000 – $45.126.000

1 – The Grey – (NE) – $20.000.000

New Releases – 3 new films will be trying to get into the top 10 next week however there are 2 small films on a limited release that should be seen.

The 2 small films are the really tense British thriller Kill List and the latest film from Ti West the director behind The House of the Devil, Innkeepers, however it’s Drew Barrymore’s new film Big Miracle, the movie that causing a lot of people to pay attention Chronicle and ghost film starring Daniel Radcliffe Woman in Black that will be fighting to get into the chart next week.


UK Box Office Top 10 – 23/01

It seems that nothing could shift the War Horse of the top spot this week despite stiff competition from 2 of this weeks new releases.

There were 3 new films that graced the top 10 this week, first off going in at number 6 was slacker comedy the Sitter, doing better by reaching number 3 was Underworld Awakening 3D however it was the star studded cast of Haywire that was the highest new entry at number 2.

10 – Puss in Boots – £568.590 – £13.645.623

9 – Alvin and the Chipmunks:Chipwrecked – £568.758 – £13.111.689

8 – The Artist – £770.430 – £3.205.883

7 – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – £815.330 – £16.686.503

6 – The Sitter – (NE) – £910.382

5 – The Iron Lady – £949.517 – £7.162.492

4 – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – £956.434 – £24.627.233

3 – Underworld Awakening 3D – (NE) – £1.114.327

2 – Haywire(NE) – £1.197.866

1 – War Horse – £3.202.493 – £9.639.624

New Releases – 5 films will be hoping to find a spot in next week chart, first off is romantic comedy Like Crazy then we have the latest film from director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Intruders, next up is animated film A Monster in Paris, Liam Neeson is trying to find his way home in The Grey and finally George Clooney is on Oscar form in The Descendants.

US Box Office Top 10 – 20-22/01

A interesting week for the US top 10 as last weeks number 1 Contraband couldn’t hold on to the top spot for more than a week with the 4th in the Underworld series knocking it off.

3 new entries graced the top 10 this week, first off going in at a low number 5 was Steven Soderbergh’s latest film Haywire, doing much better by hitting the number 2 spot was drama Red Tails which we here cannot wait for however it was the latest Underworld film Underworld Awakening 3D that went straight into the number 1 spot.

10 – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – $3.750.000 – $94.775.000

9 – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – $4.805.000 – $178.611.000

8 – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – $5.540.000 – $197.349.000

7 – Joyful Noise – $6.075.000 – $21.903.000

6 – Beauty and the Beast 3D – $8.556.000 – $33.364.000

5 – Haywire(NE) – $9.000.000

4 – Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – $10.545.000 – $11.237.000

3 – Contraband – $12.200.000 – $46.100.000

2 – Red Tails  –(NE) – $19.100.000

1 – Underworld Awakening 3D – (NE) – $25.400.000

New Releases – 3 films will be trying there best to get into the top 10, first off is action comedy starring Katherine Heigl One For the Money, then there is thriller Man on a Ledge that we are looking forward to a lot and finally Liam Neeson gets lost in The Grey.

Trailer: Battleship (Trailer 2)

Directed by Peter Berg (The Kingdom, Hancock), comes a movie based on the Hasbro board game starring Liam Neeson and Taylor Kitsch (X-Men Origins: Wolverine). Yes, a boardgame.


Watch this and tell me you’re not at least curious…?

Ok, this is actually beginning to get the blood running, i’m genuinely excited by what i see in this new trailer – in an ‘independence day’ kind of way, could this be the movie to better that alien invasion movie?

Trailer: The Grey

In Alaska, an oil drilling team struggle to survive after a plane crash strands them in the wild. Hunting the humans are a pack of wolves who see them as intruders.


This looks a very interesting film and i’m guessing Liam Neeson is happy to be doing a movie that doesn’t involve him looking for his family.

If you like films like Alive or even the recent film the Way Back then this might be the film for you however you will have to wait as it’s not out until the 27th January in the US and there is no release date yet for us in the UK