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Stuart’s Best 10 of 2013

So my list of worst films of 2013 have been revealed and i could of easily made that list the worst 30/40, when it comes to the best films of the year that’s where i struggled a little as it took to nearly the end of the year for me to even had a good 15, in the end though a few films managed to shine through as the best of the best as well as a few honorable mentions.

So take a look at the 10 films that i thought were the best of 2013.

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2013 Monday Movie Show Award Winners

Another year is about to come to a close and it’s probably the best time to look over what this year has brought us.

Yes we still suck at sport no matter what it is, we are still in a rescission where the government says we are fine however we know that we are still screwed, the videogame industry saw two new consoles released and people still complain oh and most music still sucks.

However we are not here to look over that annoying stuff we are here to celebrate the best and worst of 2013 in the wonderful world of films.  So me and Andrew got our heads together and came up with what we think deserve a couple of awards, yes there were some arguments (i still have the bruisers) but we finally came to an agreement and the awards can be viewed below.

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