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Monday Movie Show: 2/1/12

Our first show of 2012 is now available for you to catch up, featuring reviews of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise, and David Fincher’s remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and on DVD, Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford in Jon Favreau’s cross genre Cowboys & Aliens, British indie horror Kill List, thriller A Lonely Place To Die, mock ‘found footage’ horror movie Apollo 18, and horror 5thquel Final Destination 5, plus our usual UK Box Office Top 10, DVD & Blu Ray Top 10 and as a extra bonus at the end details of the competition that we are running.

You can listen to any episode of The Monday Movie Show via this link on Spreaker. This week’s episode is now also available to listen to via the applet above, via iTunes, or available as an mp3 download (Choose your file host):

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