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Coming up this week (23/07/12)

Coming up on this weeks show in the cinema section we’ll be covering what is undoubtedly the biggest movie release of 2012, Christopher Nolan’s final part to his Batman trilogy The Dark Knight Rises. We also hope to be joined for this week by Marc, our friend from Following the Nerd.

On Blu-Ray and DVD we’ll be reviewing Bel Ami starring Robert Pattinson and Uma Thurman, Oscar nominated French animation movie A Cat In Paris (Une vie de chat), and drama The Kid With A Bike (Le gamin au vélo), a documentary about the legendary martial artist in I Am Bruce Lee, Neanderthal set Ao The Last Hunter (Ao, le dernier Néandertal) and British drama Wild Bill, plus as usual our look at the latest movie news and the UK Box Office and Blu-Ray/DVD top 10′s.

Join us live from 7:30pm (GMT) on Monday 23rd of June live on our Spreaker page or the Spreaker app which you can download free from the Apple app store/Android marketplace and find us on by just searching for The Monday Movie Show. Don’t forget you can also catch up with any episode of the show on iTunes  or via Spreaker.

UK Box Office Top 10

Ships are taking over this weeks top 10 however Titanic which had the top[ spot last week has given way to another film that not only features huge ships but probably the most special effects ever featured in a movie.

Only 2 new films were in this weeks top 10, going in at number 3 is the brilliant horror/comedy film from the pen of Joss Whedon and making his directorial debut Drew Goddard, The Cabin in the Woods, however it was Battleship Peter Berg’s big screen version of the classic board game that was not only the highest new entry but wnet straight into the number 1 spot taking nearly £4 million.

10 – Streetdance 2 – £220.087 – £2.872.153

9 – Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – £273.338 – £18.518.872

8 – Wrath of the Titans – £495.768 – £7.197.617

7 – 21 Jump Street – £528.122 – £8.751.816

6 – Mirror Mirror – £913.134 – £5.194.454

5 – Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists – £1.477.517 – £12.840.803

4 – The Hunger Games – £1.494.174 – £19.419.136

3 – The Cabin in the Woods – (NE) – £1.601.161

2 – Titanic 3D – £1.809.737 – £8005.203

1 – Battleship – (NE) – £3.763.348

New Releases – There are a lot of new films out this week however none of them are very big films, first off is comedy film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, then we have thriller film Gone starring Amanda Seyfried, action/thriller Lockout with a beefed up Guy Pearce and a duo of horror films in the form of Grave Encounters and Xavier Gen’s The Divide.

UK Box Office Top 10

A bit of a disaster has hit this weeks top 10 with the Hunger Games no longer holding on to the top spot thanks to one of this weeks new entries making it hit a cinematic iceberg.

4 new films graced this weeks top 10, first off going in at number 10 was Bollywood film Housefull 2, hitting the number 7 spot was The Cold Light of Day featuring the new Superman Henry Cavill, doing better but that’s down to it being out for 5 days longer than the rest of the new entries was Tarsem Singhs version of Snow White in the form of Mirror Mirror however the highest new entry went to Titanic 3D which throws us into the dark days of cinema by hitting the number 1 spot.

10 – Housefull 2 – (NE) – £396.475

9 – Streetdance 2 – £424.833 – £1.953.260

8 – Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – £451.307 – £17..737.576

7 – The Cold Light of Day  – (NE)  – £503.985

6 – 21 Jump Street – £845.869 – £7.331.740

5 – Wrath of the Titans – £1.368.131 – £5.351.400

4 – Pirates in An Adventure with Scientists – £2.166.162 – £7.716.061

3 – Mirror Mirror – (NE) – £2.389.033

2 – The Hunger Games – £2.394.782 – £15.168.889

1 – Titanic 3D – (NE) – £2.856.540

New Releases – There are only 2 big releases out this week however there is also 1 small one of note, first off the small one in the form of Blackthorn which tells the story of Butch Cassidy and the fact that he didn’t get killed, next up is huge explosive blockbuster in the vein of Transformers about aliens taking over the world (again) in Battleship however for me it’s The Cabin in the Woods that’s the biggest release of the week from the pen of Joss Wheadon and making his directorial debut Drew Goddard who penned the script to the really good Cloverfield.

UK Box Office Top 10

A very interesting top 10 this week however none of the new entries could knock the hunger games off the top spot despite the 2 new entries in the top 3 taking more than £2 million each.

4 new films graced this weeks top 10 including a very surprising new entry going straight into the number 10 spot and that’s werner herzog’s very good documentary Into The Abyss, going in at a very lower than expected number 5 was dance film Streetdance 2, again lower than expected hitting the number 3 spot was Aardman’s latest claymation film Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists however it was Wrath of the Titans that was the highest new entry this week going in at the number 2 spot.

10 – Into the Abyss – (NE) – £71.549

9 – Contraband – £137.497 – £1.766.508

8 – We Bought a Zoo – £164.308 – £1.925.902

7 – The Devil Inside – £239.741 – £4.041.289

6 – Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – £489.707 – £16.731.127

5 – Streetdance – (NE) – £608.024

4 – 21 Jump Street – £962.537 – £5.557.936

3 – Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists – (NE) – £2.176.195

2 – Wrath of the Titans – (NE) – £2.192.740

1 – The Hunger Games – £2.986.317 – £9.854.228

New Releases – 4 new films are out this week, first off is the 3D re-release of Titanic, then released earlier than normal is Tarsem Singh’s version of Snow White in the form of Mirror Mirror, next up is thriller Headhunters and finally straight forward action/thriller the Cold Light of Day.