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UK box office top 10



The Hobbit couldn’t hold on to the top spot for another week as a film that dreamed a dream has managed to knock it off the top spot.

Three new films went into this weeks top 10, first off going in at number 6 was Texas Chainsaw 3D which is supposedly the true sequel to the original film.  Hitting the number 3 spot and doing well despite getting very average reviews was Gangster Squad.  this weeks highest new entry though went to Les Miserables which went straight into the number 1 spot and becoming the highest grossing debut musical of all time.

10. Parental Guidence – £401.627 – £3.98M

9. Pitch Perfect – £453.205 – £5.78M

8. Jack Reacher – £690.043 – £8.61M

7. Quartet – £891.829 – £4.72M

6. Texas Chainsaw 3D – (NE) – £1.25M

5. The Impossible – £1.86M – £7.15M

4. The Hobbit – £1.86M – £48.49M

3. Gangster Squad – (NE) – £2.09M

2. Life of Pi – £2.33M – £21.92M

1. Les Miserables – (NE) – £8.12M

New Releases – you have a few films to choose from this week, first of is Quentin Tarentino’s new film Django Unchained, your next choice is comedy drama The Sessions starring Helen Hunt, your final film choice this week is small anthology horror film V/H/S.

US box Office Top 10



What a difference a week can make as one week Texas Chainsaw was high atop the movie tree and the next week it get’s shot down so much that leatherface has now become more like paperface, the film went from number 1 all the way down to number 9 thanks to a film that went on full general release.

Two new films went straight into this weeks chart and 1 high climber went in at number 1.  First off the two new entries, going in at number 3 was the much delayed film Gangster Squad, despite it have a fantastic cast the film hasn’t managed to set the chart on fire.  The only other new entry in the top 10 went to slapstick comedy A Haunted House which is another scary movie rip off.

This weeks new number 1 though went to Kathryn Bigalow’s new film Zero Dark Thirty which saw a 790% increase untakings thanks to it going on full general release.

10. Silver Lining Playbook – $5.000.000 – $41.306.000

9. Texas Chainsaw 3D – $5.150.000 – $30.752.000

8. Parental Guidence – $6.100.000 – $60.650.000

7. Lincoln – $6.314.000 – $152.579.000

6. The Hobbit – $9.080.000 – $278.124.000

5. Les Misrables – $10.127.000 – $119.206.000

4. Django Unchained – $11.065.000 – $125.399.000

3. Gangster Squad – (NE) – $16.710.000

2. A Haunted House – (NE) – $18.170.000

1. Zero Dark Thirty – $24.000.000 – $29.481.000

New Releases – You only have 2 films to choose from this week, first of the film that see’s the return to the big screen of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a leading role with The Last Stand, your other film choice is a horror film from Guillermo Del Toro with Mama.

Coming up this week (14/01/13)

Coming up on this weeks show, in the cinema section we take a look at the next chapter in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise with Texas Chainsaw 3D and Ryan Gosling goes up against Sean Penn in Gangster Squad.  On Blu-Ray/DVD we review Karl Urban as Dredd, Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy are both Lawless, a couple get the crap scared out of them in The Lodge, Maggie Gyllenhaal has Hysteria and gore fest horror film Vile, plus as usual our look at the latest movie news and the UK Box Office and Blu-Ray/DVD top 10′s.

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UK Box Office Top 10



The last quarter of 2012 proved that people still want to go to the cinema with a record breaking takings, well it looks like 2013 has gotten off with a big bang thanks to the top 2 films going toe to toe with each other.

The first chart of 2013 kicks off with 2 new entries, first off going in at number 4 was a surprise entry for Quartet.  The biggest new release of the week though went to the Impossible which went straight into the number 2 spot scaring The Hobbit by only taking just under the amount of it.

10. Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Wings – £516.952 – £3.375.684

9. Skyfall – £541.401 – £101.572.493

8. Rise of the Guardians – £725.281 – £11.247.265

7. Parental Guidence – £884.319 – £3.371.022

6. Pitch Perfect – £917.135 – £4.928.013

5. Jack Reacher – £1.682.561 – £7.160.319

4. Quartet – (NE) – £2.294.917

3. Life of Pi – £3.353.579 – £17.857.428

2. The Impossible – (NE) – £4.034.470

1. The Hobbit – £4.075.781 – £44.870.320

New Releases – bit of a big week when it comes to new films as there are 3 very big films out and one small horror film that has people talking.  First off the small horror film is American Mary directed by the Soska sisters which there last film centered around a dead hooker in a trunk.  On to the big releases, your first choice is the big screen adaptation of Les Misrables, your next film choice is the delayed gangster drama Gangster Squad.  Your last film choice of the week is 3D horror film Texas Chainsaw 3D.

US Box Office Top 10


The first box office top 10 of 2013 and a bit of a boring one to be honest as only one new film found it’s way into the chart however it went straight into the number 1 spot, the movie in question is Texas Chainsaw 3D.

10. Promised Land – $4.312.000 – $4.661.000

9. The Guilt Trip – $4.530.000 – $31.207.000

8. Lincoln – $5.258.000 – $143.933.000

7. This is 40 – $8.559.000 – $54.460.000

6. Jack Reacher – $9.300.000 – $64.804.000

5. Parental Guidance – $10.125.000 – $52.761.000

4. Les Misrables – $16.117.000 – $103.605.000

3. The Hobbit – $17.525.000 – $263.820.000

2. Django Unchained – $20.082.000 – $106.351.000

1. Texas Chainsaw 3D – (NE) – $23.000.000

New Releases – If you are after a new film to see this week then you are in luck as you have 3 too pick from.  First off is the drama thriller Gangster Squad which had been pushed back from late last year due to the shooting incident at a cinema.  Your second movie chocie is Kathrine Bigalow’s take on the hunt of Osama Bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty.  Your final choice is a bit more light hearted with comedy film A Haunted House.