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US Box Office Top 10


Two weeks seemed to be enough for the Possession, in fact in my opinion one week was enough for the film, well now it has been knocked off the top spot by one of this weeks new entries.

Only 2 new films cracked this weeks top 10 however both of them took up the top two spots, first off going in at the number 2 spot was the 3D re-release of Finding Nemo.  The highest new entry this week however went to the 5th Resident Evil film with Resident Evil: Retribution which went straight into the number 1 spot.

10. The Campaign – $2.405.000 – $82.857.000

9. The Odd Life of Timothy Green – $2.511.000 – $46.284.000

8. The Bourne Legacy – $2.875.000 – $107.817.000

7. The Words – $2.880.000 – $9.160.000

6. Expendables 2 – $3.030.000 – $80.290.000

5. Paranorman – $3.039.000 – $49.336.000

4. Lawless – $4.219.000 – $30.141.000

3. The Possession – $5.800.000 – $41.167.000

2. Finding Nemo 3D – (NE) – $17.504.000

1. Resident Evil: Retribution – (NE) – $21.100.000

New Release – 3 new films will be trying to take your money off this week, first off is crime drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch, your next film of choice is horror film starring The Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence in House at the end of the Street, your final choice of the week is 2nd bite of the cherry in the Dredd series with Dredd 3D.

UK Box Office Top 10


Last week’s number 1 Total Recall could only hold on to the top spot for 1 week with one of this weeks new entries taking it’s crown despite the box office not being set a light.

3 new films entered this weeks top 10, first off going in at number 3 is the latest version of Tolstoy Anna Karenina, doing better by hitting the number 2 spot was Lawless starring Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf.  The highest new entry this week went to Dredd 3D which went in at number 1 making it the first 18 rated film to hit the top spot since Saw 3D managed to do that feat back in October 2010.

10. The Bourne Legacy – £270.180 – £10.569.592

9. The Watch – £338.184 – £3.162.291

8. The Dark Knight Rises – £352.587 – £55.312.954

7. Ted – £479.943 – £29.191.321

6. The Possession – £533.334 – £2.150.064

5. Brave – £649.057 – £19.344.823

4. Total Recall – £675.280 – £4.075.574

3. Anna Karenina – (NE) – £875.702

2. Lawless – (NE) – £973.234

1. Dredd 3D – (NE) – £1.049.345

New Releases – There are a lot of films out this week but only 3 of them stand out, first off is the big screen debut of 80’s TV cop drama The Sweeney, your next choice is animated film that seem’s to be getting good reviews is Paranorman in 2 and 3D, your final choice is the latest film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Premium Rush.

UK Box Office Top 10


Last weeks number 1 Brave has finally been knocked off the top spot after spending 2 weeks perched on high, it has been replaced with one of this weeks new entries.

Three new films broke there way into this weeks top 10, first off going in at number 5 and trying to scare people was supernatural horror film The Possession.  This weeks second highest new entry went to The Watch which went in at number 2 despite it having at least 2 extra day’s of takings over the number 1 film.  Speaking of number 1 film the highest new entry went to the latest film to be remade in the form of Total Recall.

10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days – £287.969 – £7.086.728

9. Keith Lemon: The Film – £370.735 – £2.531.902

8. The Expendables 2 – £376.319 – £5.546.276

7. The Bourne Legacy – £714.020 – £9.895.086

6. Dark Knight Rises – £759.838 – £54.535.548

5. The Possession – (NE) – £979.192

4. Ted – £990.842 – £28.122.651

3. Brave – £1.604.163 – £17.940.622

2. The Watch – (NE) – £2.235.933

1. Total Recall – (NE) – £2.493.230

New Releases – With the children back at school this weeks batch of new entries have a very adult theme to them, first off is drama/thriller starring Tom Hardy, Lawless, your next film of choice is comedy film starring one of our favourite comedians Adam Sandler (only joking) in That’s My Boy. Your next film choice is another version of Anna Karenina this time starring Keira Knightley, the biggest release of the week though is the return of the Judge in Dredd 3D.

US Box Office Top 10


Not a very exciting week at all with the box office top 10 apart from the fact that last weeks number 1, The Expendables 2 is now no longer king giving it’s crown to one of this weeks new entries.

Only 2 new films manage to crack this weeks top 10 and both of them take up the top two spots, first off going in at number 2 and not managing to get above the $10 million mark is Lawless, this weeks highest new entry and the new number 1 went to paranormal horror film The Possession.

10. Hope Springs – $4.700.000 – $52.057.000

9. 2016 Obama’s America – $5.103.000 – $18.203.000

8. The Campaign – $5.445.000 – $73.022.000

7. The Dark Knight Rises – $5.880.000 – $431.196.000

6. Odd Life of Timothy Green – $6.055.000 – $35.900.000

5. ParaNorman – $6.551.000 – $38.025.000

4. The Bourne Legacy – $7.248.000 – $96.247.000

3. The Expendables 2 – $8.800.000 – $66.159.000

2. Lawless – (NE) – $9.674.000

1. The Possession – (NE) – $17.725.000

New Releases – not very much of note out this week, first off the US finally get’s The Cold Life of Day even though it’s coming out on Blu-Ray/DVD in the UK, your next choice of film is drama movie The Word.  If you are after a couple of small releases then you have the choice out of horror film REC 3 and awful awful comedy film The Inbetweeners.

US Box Office Top 10


Finally The Dark Knight Rises has been dethroned from the top of the charts after a 3 week reign giving way for one of this weeks new entries and the fourth in a series.

3 new films graced this weeks top 10, first up going in at number 4 was comedy/drama Hope Springs, doing better by hitting the number 2 spot was comedy film The Campaign however the highest new entry went too the 4th in the Bourne films with The Bourne Legacy which went straight into the number 1 spot.

10. The Amazing Spider-Man – $2.200.000 – $255.543.000

9. Step Up: Revolution – $2.850.000 – $30.165.000

8. Ted – $3.290.000 – $209.915.000

7. Ice Ages 4: Continental Drift – £6.750.000 – $144.064.000

6. Total Recall – $8.100.000 – $44.188.000

5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days – $8.200.000 – $30.554.000

4. Hope Springs – (NE) – $15.600.000

3. The Dark Knight Rises – $19.540.000 – $390.149.000

2. The Campaign – (NE) – $27.440.000

1. The Bourne Legacy – (NE) – $40.265.000

New Releases – 4 new films are out this week for you too pick from, first up is musical drama Sparkle, your next choice is fantasy film The Odd Life of Timothy Green, the first big film of the week is animated film Paranorman, however the biggest film of the week is the Expendables 2 with it’s huge action star cast.

Coming up this week (13/08/12)

Coming up on this weeks show in the cinema section we review Pixar animation’s latest movie Brave starring the voices of Emma Thompson and Billy Connolly, and return to the world of Jason Bourne with spin off The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. In the packed DVD & Blu Ray section, Amanda Seyfried is franticly looking for her kidnapped sister in Gone, we have supernatural horror in Livid, Mark Strong & Antonio Banderas star in drama Black Gold, Sean Penn goes on a journey of self discovery in This Must Be The Place, yet more horror in Creature, the critically acclaimed Norwegian thriller Headhunters (Hodejegerne) and horror mockumentary Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer , plus as usual our look at the latest movie news and the UK Box Office and Blu-Ray/DVD top 10′s.

Join us live from 7:30pm (GMT) on Monday 13th August live on our Spreaker page or the Spreaker app which you can download free from the Apple app store/Android marketplace and find us on by just searching for The Monday Movie Show. Don’t forget you can also catch up with any episode of the show on iTunes or via Spreaker.

UK Box Office Top 10


It’s so nice too see that the UK box office can throw up a few surprise and this weeks chart has not disappointed as not only there is a new number 1 knocking last weeks chart topper film The Dark Knight Rises off the top spot but another film has made a surprise re-entry into the chart.

When it comes too new entries in the chart their is 2 proper new entry in the chart, first off is Dairy of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Day’s which went into the number 3 spot, However it was Ted that surprised us by not only going in at the number 1 spot knocking the Dark Knight off his perch but by also taking a huge £9.3 million.  There was another new entry of sort’s which is Brave as it hit the number 6 despite it only being shown in Scotland and Ireland.  Their was a extremely surprising re-entry into the chart for Mirror Mirror which went back into the number 9 spot 18 week’s after it’s initial release.

10. Searching for Sugar Man – £42.416 – £163.857

9. Mirror Mirror – £60.769 – £7.578.055

8. Magic Mike – £288.189 – £7.638.076

7. Amazing Spider-man – £392.715 – £24.937.213

6. Brave – (NE) – £820.084 (Scotland/Ireland only)

5. Dr Seuss’ The Lorax – £856.003 – £4.648.423

4. Ice Age 4: Continental Drift – £1.213.388 – £24.671.603

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Day’s – (NE) – £1.537.178

2. The Dark Knight Rises – £4.290.605 – £40.846.913

1. Ted – (NE) – £9.330.700

New Releases – A bit of a weird week for new releases, only 1 film of note is out on Friday and that’s the 4th in the Street dance series this time it’s Street Dance: Miami Heat, your next new film of choice is not out until the Monday and it’s another 4th in the series this time it’s The Bourne Legacy, your final choice is a new release in England, Northern Ireland and Wales with Pixar’s Brave that has already seen itself thrown into the Scotland and Ireland box office.

A Look Ahead, Coming In 2012!

With 2011 done and dusted, we at the Monday Movie Show thought it was high time that we took a look ahead at what is coming our way in 2012 with trailers where available. Movies are listed in order of release date in the U.K. but these are subject to change. Read the rest of this entry