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Coming up this week (07/07/14)

Coming up on this weeks show, in the cinema section we take a early look at the start of a new trilogy with Transformers: Age of Extinction, Melissa McCarthy teams up with Susan Sarandon in comedy Tammy and Noel Clarke directs Sci-Fi mind bender The Anomaly.  In the home release section we take a look at quirky all-star cast comedy drama The Grand Budapest Hotel, small drama set during world war 2 with the Book Thief, Greek drama with Miss Violence, Ti West directs found footage cult movie The Sacrament, martial arts drama with Man of Tai Chi, very strange Swedish football horror comedy with Goal of the Dead, thriller in Dead Awake and low budget horror movie with Absentia, plus as usual our TV movie of the week, the latest movie news, UK box office top 10 & DVD/Blu-Ray top 10.

Join us live from Monday 7th July at 8:00pm (GMT) on our Spreaker page or the Spreaker app (which you can download free from the Apple app store/Android marketplace and find us on by just searching for The Monday Movie Show). Don’t forget you can also catch up with any episode of the show on iTunes (hopefully coming back soon), Spreaker or you can now find us on Youtube, just search for the Monday Movie Show.

*line up is subject to change as well as the day and time of the show.

US box office top 10 – W/E 06/04/14


Well it seems that the waters have come and washed away Noah from the top of the chart as a super hero has come and fought his way into the top spot in the form of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

This would be the normal spot where i say what other new entries went into this weeks chart however it looks like other films were too scared to go up against Disney latest behemoth so there are no other new films to tell you about.

New Releases – A couple of films will be trying to wrestle the crown away from Captain America and in my opinion only one has a chance.  So the new films on offer this week is sports drama Draft Day, horror Oculus and animated sequel Rio 2.

10. Non-Stop – $1,827,000 – $88,138,000

9. Need for Speed – $1,836,000 – $40,839,000

8. Sabotage – $1,908,000 – $8,767,000

7. Mr Peabody and Sherman – $5,300,000 – $102,202,000

6. Muppets Most Wanted – $6,285,000 – $42,142,000

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel – $6,300,000 – $33,380,000

4. God’s Not Dead – $7,726,000 – $32,520,000

3. Divergent – $13,000,000 – $114,029,000

2. Noah – $17,000,000 – $72,341,000

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – (NE) – $96,200,000

UK box office top 10 – W/E 31/03/14


Last weeks number one The Grand Budapest Hotel could not hold off the might of one Disney movie let alone two so that’s why this weeks it’s no longer top of the chart, that pleasure has been handed to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

In a trend that has seen all sequels released after The Avengers, Captain America: The winter Soldier saw a huge increase in it’s first weekend takings over it’s previous counterpart.  Captain America took a impressive £2.98 million in it’s opening weekend however the sequel has more than doubled that by taking just short of the £7 million.

It’s even more good news for Disney as it also scored the number two spot with Muppets Most Wanted, unlike with Captain America though the Muppets sequel failed to take more than The Muppets movie by nearly £500,000.

One other new entry can be found in the chart and that’s The Legend of Hercules which went in at number nine and did as badly as people and critics expected.

New Releases – With half term fast approaching it’s no surprise to see films mainly aimed at the U/PG/12A market with each one of this weeks main releases falling into that category.  So if you are after something new then you have animated sequel Rio 2 (in 3D), Twilight/Hunger Games-esq film Divergent and biblical epic Noah.

10. A Long Way Down – £107,538 – £741,524

9. The Legend of Hercules – (NE) – £189,881

8. Starred Up – £201,822 – £1,062,827

7. 300: Rise of an Empire – £237,879 – £7,449,264

6. The Lego Movie – £323,397 – £31,636,562

5. Need For Speed – £337,943 – £4,399,097

4. Non-Stop – £360,226 – £8,745,562

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel – £870,423 – £7,968,357

2. Muppets Most Wanted – (NE) – £2,214,906

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier – (NE) – £6,037,850

US box office top 10


Last weeks number one Divergent could only hold on the top spot for one week only as it has been knocked off the top spot by one of this weeks new films in the form of biblical epic Noah.

Only one other new film went into this weeks chart in the form of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new action thriller Sabotage which went in at a very low seventh spot.

New Releases – despite there being 16 new films to choose from only one movie we attract any attention and that’s the return of Chris Evans as Captain America in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

10. Non-Stop – $4,087,000 – $85,167,000

9. 300: Rise of An Empire – $4,300,000 – $101,145,000

8. Need For Speed – $4,335,000 – $37,753,000

7. Sabotage – (NE) – $5,330,00

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel – $8,825,000 – $24,457,000

5. Gods Not Dead – $9,075,000 – $22,028,000

4. Mr Peabody and Sherman – $9,500,000 – $94,909,000

3. Muppets Most Wanted – $11,373,000 – $33,210,000

2. Divergent – $26,500,000 – $95,260,000

1. Noah – (NE) – $44,000,000

UK box office top 10 – W/E 17/03/14



No matter how hard those Greeks fought they couldn’t hold on to the top spot for one more week as last weeks number one film 300: Rise of an Empire has been replaced by one of this weeks new entries Need For Speed.

The top 10 only saw one other new entry and that went to sci-fi drama thriller Under the Skin which went into the number 10 spot.

New releases – This week see’s very few new films released, in fact none of this weeks new release should cause much challenge on next weeks char, however if you are after something new then you have on offer drama Labor Day, comedy About Last Night and British prison drama Starred Up.

10. Under the Skin – (NE) – £238,694

9. Mr Peabody and Sherman – £242,010 – £12,364,901

8. Escape from Planet Earth – £257,812 – £721,489

7. The Book Thief – £281,9374 – £3,366,007

6. Ride Along – £426,034 – £3,540,829

5. Non-Stop – £901,107 – £6,905,787

4. The Lego Movie – £998,176 – £30,063,416

3. 300: Rise of an Empire – £1,223,370 – £5,351,262

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel – £1,309,103 – £4,115,618

1. Need For Speed – (NE) – £2,011,249